Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~My Plans For This Site~

~Would you like to be featured on this blog?~

When I started this blog site I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to do with it...I knew it wasn't going to be a personal blog... I wanted it to be concerning/relevant to my jewelry design company. After taking sometime to think things over I've decided what I will do with this blog.

My plan is to use this spot to promote "Azure Islands Designs, other Etys artists, as well as any artist that happens to find this blog and from time to time offer "How To" segments...featuring issues that I want to learn as well as segments featuring all kinds of "guest" artists that are willing to promote their own craft...what ever that may be!

In the next few weeks I will be gathering artists and their information/photos to feature here, along with "How To" informational ideas from artists who would like to pass along their ideas and thoughts. I hope to make this an interesting, exciting, enjoyable place where artists of all mediums will frequent often!

My request to you....

*Anyone interested in being featured in this blog, as an artist or as a "How To" artistic informational feature please contact me at *Thanks...cheers Heather

~New Etsy Listings~

I have a couple of lovely pieces for you to look at today! I listed these January 29th on Etys...

This first piece is simply elegant, Ruby Quartz teardrops, swarovski crystal cubes and a fancy sterling silver chain, make for a statement!

If you love pink this is the piece for you...
Delicate rose Chalcedony are wire wrapped in the shape of an elegant flower, swarovski crystasls and a fancy sterling silver chain finish off this must have necklace!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now that I'm here...

I've decided to do a feature on another Etsy shop...

"The Rose Cottage"
This wonderful shop is a beautiful as its name implies...offering items done in

"Shabby Rose Cottage"

Aren't these the cutest!!! If only I had a granddaughter!!

Vintage items

A lovely cup of tea??

Greeting Cards

The perfect card for that special friend!

Hand Knit

A stunning shade of green...perfect for those cold winter days!

She also has a wonderful treasury found here I know she loves doing treasurys so watch for many more done by therosecottage

A talented woman...stop by, I know she would love to have you visit and you never know what you may find in her wonderful shop!

Enjoy...Cheers Heather


I've been busy...yes I know so has everyone else!!! I'm here now and ready to post!!! Here is a new piece that you can find at

Take a few minuets to brows the EJA store, there you will find exciting unique handcrafed designs by wonderful artisans, each with their own distinct style,who are dedicated to producing quality pieces from a wide range of products.

Don't forget to drop by the web site...always something stunning to look at...

Enjoy! *H*

Friday, January 18, 2008


I was chatting with a great person in the"promo" section who was promoting a wonderful artist and of course I had to comment...I do love anything artsy.

Her shop name is Shanya Maidel, which is a Yiddish term that means "pretty or lovely girl". I think it is a lovely name regardless of what it means!

Her shop offers banners and vegan lip balm...will have to try the balm! I'm always applying!!!!
Here is the link to Shanya Maidel's shop... haven't figured out how to do the link with the pics just yet but this will get you to her shop...have a look around!

This looks good enough to eat...a .15 oz lip balm......the balm insired by Sabra liquer and other chocolate orange goodies... I've never heard of Sabra but it is an Israeli "chocolate orange liquer" sounds wonderful! Shanya Maidel says it isn't waxy which is a good thing!!

I'm going to try the unscented, unflavored, and unsweetened balm...she has a "Try Me" for me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another day!!!

Here is my badge from EJA

I have another wonderful treaury by nanasbowterrific here:

I took a course in fabrication this summer, which I very much enjoyed...this winter I plan on experimenting to see what I can come up with..I'm still waiting for some of my tools to arrive so that I can begin...I had to order items from both the US and Canada to get what I wanted...once everything arrives I'm sure I will sit and look at everthing for a few days to work up the nerve to start...Hopefully once I start soldering everything will fall into place! I do have a detailed book, I've bookmarked tutorials on Youtube and I have a print out sent to me that should help...but...if all else fails I'll have to call my instructor for help!! I can do this! :0)I will keep you post!

Cheers Heather

Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching Up!!

Well its been a few days...

I have two beautiful treasurys to is a thrill everytime I see the yellow star!

"My Hearts All a Fluttering" by a wonderful DSM member therosecottage!
This treasury featured my Heart on a Chain HSF

"No Longer Naked" by DBrownDesigns a wonderful EJA,(Eclectic Jewelry Artisians) and DSM member!
This treasury featured Blue Magic Earrings

Both items can be seen on my mini Etsy below...

I'm not normaly a joiner of groups but I've found a few on Etsy that caught my eye...I'm proud to say I'm now a member of

The DSM web page is here:
To find items on Etsy by DSM do a search using DSM and watch all the wonderful items that come up!!

You can visit the EJA Etsy store here:
The EJA web site is here:
The EJA blogspot is here:

It will take me awhile to figure everthing out but it should be fun along the way!

In the mean time I'm still trying to list all my items...there are so many more to do and I haven't finished taking all the pics...both on Etsy and my web site...which you can find here:

Here is the blog of Timothy Adams...the person who is doing the wonderful coffee table books of artisans from Etsy,The Handbook to is a wonderful idea...I purchased a spot for Vol.II...I'm so excited, I have a spot on the front cover as well,I can't wait to receive my copy in the mail...check out the blogspot:, Vol.III is not closed but Timothy is planning on doing them monthly so check it out if you would like a spot!!!

I'll be back soon~
Cheers Heather

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New to the world of Blog!

Never thought I would be doing this but here new blog!!! I will do my best to bring you news of Azure Islands Designs and along the way feature fellow Esty artists!

I do not intend to do a personal blog but one that deals with the art of "handcrafted"work from all mediums!

The beginning...cheers Heather