Friday, January 18, 2008


I was chatting with a great person in the"promo" section who was promoting a wonderful artist and of course I had to comment...I do love anything artsy.

Her shop name is Shanya Maidel, which is a Yiddish term that means "pretty or lovely girl". I think it is a lovely name regardless of what it means!

Her shop offers banners and vegan lip balm...will have to try the balm! I'm always applying!!!!
Here is the link to Shanya Maidel's shop... haven't figured out how to do the link with the pics just yet but this will get you to her shop...have a look around!

This looks good enough to eat...a .15 oz lip balm......the balm insired by Sabra liquer and other chocolate orange goodies... I've never heard of Sabra but it is an Israeli "chocolate orange liquer" sounds wonderful! Shanya Maidel says it isn't waxy which is a good thing!!

I'm going to try the unscented, unflavored, and unsweetened balm...she has a "Try Me" for me!

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