Monday, January 26, 2009

Flash back...1960's & 1970's

Does anyone remember the oh so popular "Mood Rings"??? They were the "in thing" in both the 60's and 70's...
I had one, long gone now though...the color of the stone would change, supposedly according to the persons mood! Of course we know the color change is due to the wearers body temperature fluctuation but then our body temperature does change with our moods...besides the idea of the color changing with our mood was more fun!!

In the fall I came across a new generation of "mood beads", purchased a few strands and made necklace, a couple of bracelets and rings, customers loved them. The necklace was particularly interesting because when the customer tried it on we saw a whole range of colors, as the beads don't all touch the body to the same degree. After all this time people still enjoy the idea of the beads changing color on their body...they are fun!! I've just made a few more bracelets and though I would share a few photos of the color changes.

This bracelet shows colors ranging from dark to medium brown to a tiny bit of yellow and green in the bead front left...

This is the same bracelet after I held in in the palm of my had for 10 seconds or can see a nice rich cobalt blue...although the one bead front/left is showing a slight bit of green...

The man behind the idea of Mood Rings is Marvin Wernick, who in the 60's happened to watch a doctor friend use a heat sensitive liquid crystal plastic strip which was developed to take children's temperatures easily. At the time Marvin was a jewelry maker and saw great possibilities for this product. He made rings using a this product but unfortunately he didn't patent the idea and another fellow used the idea and made millions!

Look at all the colors here...dark green, teal, brown, a rusty shade...
The next two photos show the same can see the lovely cobalt blue in the center which is were I held the bracelet...the ends remain the dark green with a touch of brown...

This is a different bracelet but again we have dark/medium brown, dark/medium green, rusty brown...
Of course the gorgeous cobalt after I held in my closed fist...
A different view so you could see the teal, and green shades where I didn't have it in my hand...
I'm sure you want to know what the colors are supposed to mean, here you are...

Hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You!!

I want to say "Thank You" to my friends who left their kind words for both the bracelet and the changes I've made as well as the helpful suggestions regarding my new look to the blog. As you know by now I've removed the pesky white box...

I left a message on Blogger's Help section asking how to either remove the white box or center my banner and a kind person answered with a simple solution for removing the white box, which I have passed along to others...haven't figured out his name yet...his blog is here

He offers free blogger templates... as well.. there is a "How To" section with a list of interesting tricks to customize your template for those so inclined. I've not looked them all over but the few I have looked at it amounts to adding or changing the HTML, which isn't difficult if you pay attention...let me say always save the original HTML before changing anything! Interesting site...helpful fellow, take a look at his site, you just might find something you can use!

I'm still not sure if the background color goes with the banner but I love each individually so they will stay until I decide to try something different!

Now for the didn't think I would do a post without including some little thing did you?
A simple pendant, which are my personal favorites, a great pyrite nugget hanging from a gunmetal chain...what could be more simple yet make still make a statement?

Here is a bit if interesting information regarding is thought the mighty Pyrite increases vitality, enhances will power, helps to overcome fear and anxiety there by increasing confidence, reduces negativity from outside sources, stimulates creativity, as well as increases recall of information...

Medically it is thought to help fight off infection and viruses, skin diseases, fungal infection, help with male impotence and with digestion.

I'm new to the world of "healing stones/crystals", a customer passed along fascinating information regarding Quartz at a show I was doing last fall which sparked my interest... I purchased a couple of intriguing books, and I'm researching the web to satisfy my curiosity. While I found the information thought-provoking, I do not have first hand knowledge of the healing properties or the capabilities.

Please keep in mind this information is not intended to replace medical treatment in the event of illness, I'm passing it along purely for the readers information...a medical doctor should always be consulted
for health issues!
Thanks again everyone...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I've been thinking of changing the look of the blog for some time now... I'm not usually big on change so I do it slowly and with as little fuss as possible...

As you can see, I've added my Etsy store banner to the top and changed the background color. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the banner fit into the spot perfectly without asking the person who made the banner to make it a fraction is slightly outside the box on the right? My knowledge in the makings of a banner are nil...suppose I could learn but don't know where to begin! I like the color but not sure if I like it for the blog. I'll leave the changes for a few days to see if it grows on me...if it doesn't will try something else new!! Maybe a complete new template, not sure yet.

If you have a definite opinion either positive or negative leave a comment!

PS...thought I'd show you this little beauty listed in my Etsy this bracelet, it is made with Bali silver beads and sterling silver findings, not two will ever be the of my favorites. I have one I made myself a year ago and I wear it almost everyday because it goes with everything and always looks great!

Cheers again...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Garnet...January Birthstone!

I can't believe I'm doing this but here goes...for this month at least I'm doing my gemstone post at the beginning of the month, instead of at the end or in the next month!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, happy holiday season...may 2009 be joyful and prosperous for all!!

Garnet...this gemstone has always been somewhat mysterious to me...not sure why...just has! When we think of garnet we think of the rich red, pomegranate colored stone...which is where the name comes from...the Latin for "granatum malum", which means pomegranate. In fact the garnet comes in almost every color...

I found garnet referred to as the Garnet Group, due to the fact the stones included have a similiar crystal make up and formed with similar chemical formulation...amongst which are the following stones:

"PYROPE: (Greek - fiery) blood red, frequently with brown tint, popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Deposits found in Buma, China, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania and the United States. Also included in this group is Rhodolite, a bright purplish red or rose-color garnet, is viewed as a more superior gem than Pyrope and Almandite.

ALMANDITE: Deep red, red with violet tint, even black...its name was derived from the town in Asia Minor. Deposits found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Austria and the United states.

These are garnets with a violet tint which I have in stock at the moment...deeper color , with visible darker inclusions...with a definite violet cast.

SPESSARTITE: Orange to red-brown...Its name is derived from occurrence in the Soessart(=forest), Germany. Deposits are found in Burma, Brazil, China, Kenya, Madagascaar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the United States but the best specimens come from Namibia,("Mandarin Spessartite") which is a bright orange color.

This is red-brown Spessartite Garnet on Quartz Druzy from China...

All three of the following photos are examples of stunning orange Spessartite Quartz on fabulous Smokey Quartz. All gemstones are from China.

The next photo is the Spessartite garnet on Quartz Druzy

GROSSULARTE(Grossular): Colorless, green, yellow, brown...Latin-gooseberry, deposits are found in Canada, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan, Russian (Siberia), Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania and Vermont. Also includes Hessonite, Leuco garnet, Hydrogrossular and Tsavorite.

Hessonite: also called cimmamon stone and Kaneel stone...brown-orange to brown-yellow . Deposits found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania and the United States.

Leuco garnet: Colorless...deposits found in Canada, Mexico and Tanzania.

Hydrogrossular: (also falsely called Transvall jade and garnet jade) Dense, translucent to opaque gooseberry-greenish color. Pink hydrogrossular garnet can also be well black inclusions are common. Deposits are in South Africa, Burma, and Zambia.

This Grossular Garnet specimen is from Sierra Del Cruce in Cohuila, Mexico. This specimen exhibits pretty "raspberry" Grossular Garnets in Wollastinite Matrix.

These are garnets with a pink cast to them which I have in stock at the moment...not the deep blood red color...lighter more translucent.

Tsavorite: (Tscvgsavolite) Lime green to emerald green. from Kenya and Tanzania; discovered in the early 1970s.

ANDRADITE: named after a Protuguese mineralogist...varieties include the following...

Demantiod: the most valuable garnet(name means "diamond-like luster") to emerald green. Deposits found in China, Korea, Russian, United States and Zaire.

Melanite: Opaque black variety, (Greek-black). Deposits are in Germany (Kaiserstuhl/Baden-Wurttember), France, Italy and Colorado. Used for mourning jewelry.

Topazolite: Yellow to lemon yellow, topaz-like(therefore the name). Deposits found in Switzerland, the Italian Alps and California.

UVAROVITE: Emerald-green. Named after a Russian statesman, Rarely occurs in gemstone quality. Deposits found in Finland, India, Canada, Poland, Russian (the Urals) and California.

Finally we have "color change garnet" these garnets can appear green-blue in daylight (fluorescent light) and magenta-red in incandescent ( artificial )light. Others change from red-purple to yellow-red. The stones are a mix of pryope and spessaritite garnet and are very rare!!" The rarest of them all, discovered in the late 1990's is the "blue garnet", found in Bekily, Madagascar".
Excerpts courtesy of: The Jewelers"s Directory of Gemstones and Gemstones of the World, with the info regarding the blue garnet from

It is amazing all the different garnets available...I was very surprised when I read this information!

As an added feature I would like to introduce the healing aspects of gemstones, it is something I've become interested in due to customers asking questions...when I don't know the answer I always like to do research and be ready the next time someone asks me a similar question!

Garnet is recommended as a helpful stone for heart trouble and inflammation...I have arthritis and other inflammation so I just might make myself something with garnet!

There are so many different minerals in the Garnet Group each one will have it's own specific property but to summarize here is a great explanation...a direct
quote from the following booklet which I received in the mail today "The Care and Use of Crystals for Healing by Valerie Smith" from Peaceful Arts For Your Mind, Body & Spirit website.
This great booklet was sent to me by a friend...and I thank her! The quote is as follows...

"uplifting energy causing acceptance and balance of current life - inspires love and devotion - brings courage to seemingly hopeless circumstances - helps one to release old and sabotaging behavior patterns - bestows self-esteem"

Great information...I have a couple of interesting detailed books on healing properties, etc., but this booklet is straight to the point without being technical...Valerie's booklet also states:
"The information in this booklet is not meant to diagnose or replace medical advice. As always use your discretion when seeking help for any medical condition"...
Thank you Valerie.

There you have always I hope you learned something new and interesting as well as enjoyed the stunning photos taken by OJ...

Information References:
  • A heartfelt thank you to Orbital Joe, for allowing me to use his absolutely stunning garnet photos in this on each photo to be taken to the origin photo...thank you OJ!!!
  • Gemstones of the World, Walter Schumann, Third Edition, Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.
  • The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones, Judith Crowe, Firefly Books, 2006
  • "The Care and Use of Crystals for Healing by Valerie Smith"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New pieces for a New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season...

I'm working on my next birthstone the Garnet...should be up in a day or so, but in the mean time here is a little something to look at!

This is a pyrite stone (fool's gold) wire wrapped with Argentium silver...this makes for a great conversation piece!!

I love these cuffs...simple and elegant on their own but put a couple together and they certainly make a statement!! This one is narrow, approximately a 5mm wide piece of sterling silver has a nice ridged detail on both edges, the center feature is stamped with an .S. feature...cut, stamped, sanded, polished and tumbled by me!

Now this cuff makes a "wide" statement...a 28mm wide piece of Argentium silver has been hammered, sanded, polished, shaped and this one!!

This simple ring was made from sterling silver, a base ring was made and the remaining silver was then wound around it...

This is a great necklace...simplicity at its best, you can dress it up or down...your choice! This "bean" shaped sterling silver bead is approximately 16mm wide and of course hanging from a sterling silver chain!

As you can see, for the time being I seem to be leaning towards simplicity...classy but not stuffy, allowing the piece to speak for itself!! Who knows what I'll do tomorrow or the next day???