Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunset on Lake Nipissing!!!

I'm sure in the last year or so many of you have heard me talk about the gorgeous sunsets I see from my studio window...I ran for my camera one evening last week...usually the battery is either dead or dying when I've tried to take photos before but this time it was fully charged!!!

I had to run to my van, which was in the garage, then find the camera in my Market containers, which took me a few minuets...the sunset was low by the time I finally got lakeside but at least this will give you an idea!

Sunset on beautiful Lake Nipissing...

Monday, September 21, 2009

The happy couple and their wedding party!

Here is a "sneak peek" preview from the photographer...I will publish something similar in color when I receive it, but for now...the happy couple with their wedding party! Click on the photo to see a larger shot...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wonderful Wedding Day!

After much anticipation, Michael's & Melissa's wedding day was everything I expected and wanted, if possible even more! I know they felt the same way...

The weather was a beautiful, sunny day, clear blue skies while the evening was crisp & cool, which helped to cool down the venue...the air conditioning was turned on well before the arrival of guests but the dance floor, with the exception of dinner, wasn't empty all evening...

The hall was beautifully decorated in white, black and fuchsia, the food was excellent, the DJ was I mentioned the dance floor was full all evening...that doesn't happen very often, at least not at functions I've attended!!! :0)

The Melissa had a round wedding cake at the top with tiered cupcakes below...all done in white with fuchsia flowers on top of the cake...beautiful to look at and delicious as well, the cupcakes were lemon chiffon and black velvet...supplied by my son-in-law, who's business caters weddings!

The bouquets were gorgeous fuchsia roses and cala lilies with lime green accents, and the boutonnieres were fuchsia roses ...all done by a friend of mine! Definitly colors that popped against Melissa's gown, Micheal's tux as well as the black dresses and suits of the attendants and groomsmen!

The happy couple are honeymooning in Las Vegas until Saturday morning...I just know they are loving it!!!

I will be posting photos once I get them...I didn't take any myself, sorry I just didn't have time, besides Melissa had a professional photographer with them from noon until 11:00pm that night so I will post some photos once I get them. As well my daughter took some, she is "slightly" challenged :0) when it comes to uploading photos and emailing them so it may take a while for me to get them...but...I will post photos as soon as I receive them!

Thank you to everyone who wished them well...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Turquoise Song necklace!

I know it took forever but here is the finished piece the" Turquoise Song necklace" kept getting in the way of my creativity, what with my three Markets, custom orders and creating the jewelry for my soon to be daughter-in-law's bridal attendants son is getting married on September 12th...I've been a bit short on time!

All along I've been rather indecisive as too what I actually wanted, in fact I've put together and taken apart my ideas 6 times before I decide on the necklace below... I'm rather happy with the results...
I've also added a photo of just the necklace as I decided there should be more than one way to wear the pendant and the a combo yes...but besides being attached to the stone necklace, the pendant would be great hung simply from a black leather cord, black ribbon, or combine both the leather and ribbon! Or hang the pendant from a sterling silver chain...I tried all these ways and a few more which is the reason I felt the pendant shouldn't be limited to being worn one way! The best of both worlds!

I didn't photograph the necklace with the pendant on a bust as one of the bails came off and I had to glue it back on twice...I didn't want to delay this post anymore so I decided to show the necklace and pendant as is!

As you can see ...I've used the amazonite nuggets, as well as some amazonite chips, and the African jade nuggets... from I've used my stunning Turquoise Song wood pendant, the malachite jasper rice beads, 4 sterling silver shell beads, and the sterling silver fish toggle . I've also used lead and nickle free pewter sun faces, along with a few sterling silver beads.

I enjoyed myself browsing through where you will find many wonderful products, check out their unique and interesting pendants of which there are fact I think they have one of the most amazing selections of hand crafted pendants I've ever seen.

This was an interesting experience for me, I enjoyed the whole process, would definitly do it again...I met interesting people along the way...I found a great new place for beads & supplies...a girl can't have too many places to shop! To top it all off a stunning pendant/necklace!!!!!!