Friday, June 26, 2009


Well... it had to end...last Saturday was unpleasant to say the started to rain around 9:30am and continued for most of the day. Of course it rained the hardest in the time frame when I was packing up!!! :0) I didn't venture out from under my tent to take photos because we didn't have may customers milling around, the fellows entertaining were troupers, they actually brought a tent and played for the whole morning, gotta give them credit...a little but of fun in an other wise unpleasant day...BUT...we had 4 sunny days in a row so who am I to complain!!!

I've finally managed to take a few photos...

I've had a few requests in the last couple of weeks for lapis...I can only remember one other request for this stone two summers ago, a young girl asked me to make a pair of earrings for her mother as lapis was her favorite stone...other wise not a very popular stone. I've made a few pieces with sodalite, which looks rather similar but darker, more towards navy while lapis is more towards the least in my eyes!
So...made with lapis, resin, glass, and pewter beads with a star to add a bit of fun!

I've used this pendant before, as I rather like it, the large rectangle stones are natural coral, very interesting, glass, and agate, finished the a sterling silver toggle...

The focal is a rather unique resin pendant with shell inlay, hemalyke, and glass beads, finished with a silver plated lobster claw. For those of you who aren't familiar hemalyke is a man made metallic looking bead that very much resembles hematite...the word hemalyke means "look alike" and the bead can be mistaken for hematite.

Next is an Argentium Sterling Silver cuff...I've distressed this one more than usual as I was going for a more rugged look this time...

Here is a fun summer choker, wood, resin, metal, agate and dyed turquoise, finished with an extender so it can be worn a little longer if need be...

Love the dyed purple howlite, but then you knew purple is my favorite color, set off with pale green aventurine rondelles, pewter and sterling silver beads...

Here is another unique resin pendant inlayed with shell, a mixture of large and small smoky quartz round stones, glass rondelles, mykonos spacers and a sterling silver toggle finish the necklace... fyi the mykonos beads are a clay bead fired in a kiln, then coated in copper, fired again, after which they are coated in fine silver... a lovely bead, they come in many shapes and sizes as well as coated with 24K gold or copper.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Four times is a charm???

Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny, pleasantly warm and NO WIND!!!!! Such a treat...

The entertainment this week was a a 12 year old boy who played an electrical acoustic guitar...he is very good and has a confidant way about would think he had been playing much longer than 3 years!

We had two guests last Saturday, the second being the North Bay Astronomy Club, they brought three telescopes and promotional information regarding the club...very well received by the Market goers.

Below is the smallest telescope, and the young fellow taking a peek is my grandson...he loved looking through the telescopes and asking a million questions...this one was focused on the sun...very interesting to acutally look directly at the sun.

This is the second telescope...focused on Venus...imagine! Look at the size of the telescope!
I actually don't know what this last telescope was focused on because I was called back to my booth and didn't get a chance to take a look...

Great fun was had by all visiting with the North Bay Astronomy Club...they've agreed to make a second visit in the fall!

I don't have any jewelry pieces today as I've been way to busy this week making pieces to take their photos, but what I do have is a photo I took last evening of a spider crawling along the floor...the board he/she is on is 2 inches wide...this fellow was huge!!! I do not have a fear of spiders, when I see one I leave it alone, but I do have to say this fellow actually made me give a little yell and then I ran for my camera. The color is a bit off on both the floor and the spider, it should be a few shades darker...I have never seen a spider this big in real life before...I almost wonder if it came with my fruit I bought the day before??? Or maybe I've just lived a sheltered life and not seen a spider this size before... :0)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Threes' a charm!

This is the third sunny Saturday in a row for the Market...there was one draw back though, in the form of a very strong north wind. It blew things around, knocked over displays... I don't know if that's what kept the Market goers home but something did...I'm assuming it was the wind because all the brave soles who did venture out could talk about was how cold it was! I'm not complaining it could have been raining as well!!!!! Can't win them all!

Above is a couple of fellows jamming away...they didn't have much of an audience this week but these two enjoyed it just the same! Musicians playing for the enjoyment of playing...I do enjoy those hand drums...

Below is a chunky chalk turquoise necklace just longer than choker length made with turquoise, glass, polymer clay, wood, sterling silver and ceramic turquoise!

Another chunky necklace...gotta love this one, natural yellow turquoise, smokey quartz, yellow jade, hand blown glass and sterling silver beads!

I'm preparing for a ten day show beginning June 26th so I've not had a great deal of time for much else besides making pieces in the last three weeks...I have to take everything to Toronto on June 22nd so I'll have more time after that...who am I kidding!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Beautiful Market Day!

We had another beautiful sunny Market day this past Saturday, a little cool for this time of year, but I'm not complaining!

The entertainment this week was Stack of Barley, a huge success with the Market goers! Below they are warming up first thing...

People gathered around to listen to them most of the morning...they did some Irish tunes that had people clapping...
Below is a pair of earrings that I hammered with the new square hammer, I like the detailing. The gemstone is topaz...I'm a fan of sodalite vs lapis... sodalite is a deeper darker blue, while lapis is rather pale...this lovely necklace is part of my Heart & Stroke always once sold a donation will be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Yes this is my hand...modeling my fine silver rings...I've been doing some fusing and rather enjoy it...I can do rings resonably well but I would like to make a bangle and for some reason I can't seem to get it to fuse...will have to practice more I guess!