Monday, October 26, 2009

Simply Elegant!

Here is the finished necklace made with the gorgeous tanzanite Swarovski filigree flower pendant that arrived from

If you remember I also received tanzanite Swarovski links as well as Swarovski tear drops. The links I spaced with in the chain and the tear drops as you see I hung from the pendant...

I decided to use a couple of clear bicone crystals along with a delicate round linked chain which I had on hand. I wire wrapped the bicones with sterling silver wire before adding them to the chain along with the Swarovski links...the round linked chain complimented the filigree effect of the pendant! I wire wrapped the pendant to rings because all my rings are 18g and the filigree around the edges was too small for the rings to fit through...not an issue for me but if you don't do much wire wrapping you would have to make sure you have a 20 gauge rings or smaller on hand. The tanzanite tear drops also had to be wire wrapped on to the pendant...a simple add with great results.

I have to congratulate the Swarovski company as they out-did themselves when they made this filigree flower pendant.. I can't say enough how gorgeous it is...delicate looking but substantial without being too heavy, it is rhodium plated which will help to keep it bright and sparkly as the day you receive it!

I wire wrapped two clear crystals to two of the links for a simple pair of complementing earrings which you see in the photo below. has over 20 other filigree flower pendants for you to check, silver or rhodium plated, with different colored Swarovski crystal, ranging in size from 19.5 x 19.5mm to 38 x 38 mm...

When I first saw the pendant I new right away what I wanted to do with it...something simple but elegant...not too fussy... is a great place to shop...they have some of the most interesting and unique items I've not found else where...
Thank you

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who doesn't love Swarovski crystals???

I may not use them in every piece I make but I come back to them often...
I received my package from and I'm so excited to show you part of the order today... gorgeous tanzanite Swarovski components and tear drop pendants ..when I was looking through a few weeks ago and saw this stunning, delicate, yet substantial filigree pendant I knew I had to have it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it as well...of course purple is my favorite color so the color of this pendant was a huge draw for me.

Then we need special accessories for the pendant...such as these great Tanzanite Swarovksi channel set links...are you getting the idea in my mind?

How about these three elegant tear drop pendants...they will be great additions to this piece or any piece for that matter...

Here is a photo of everything together...well almost everything...I will be using sterling silver chain as well, but I haven't decide which one to use just yet so instead of holding up the post I've decide to show it with out the chain! A surprise is good!

Thank you to the wonderful folks at out their online store you won't be disappointed!!!

PS...there is one more Swarovski crystal post...but not till I show this piece finished!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winning beads!

Laundry room photography studio!!!!!!!
For the month of September we had warm sunny weather but the minute I wanted to take photos it started to rain, got cold and windy....down right nasty!!!
For the last three years I've tried to take photos indoors, in every room imaginable, upstairs, downstairs, living room, dining room...I've never been satisfied with the results after taking what felt like 100's...poor lighting, no sparkle, wrong color, etc., etc., etc.

BUT...Late yesterday afternoon it dawned on me when I was doing laundry that the window right beside my dryer just might have the perfect lighting!!! I couldn't believe it was staring me in the face daily. I went to take a few photos and of course my battery died so I had to wait until it charged, which takes a few hours. I took the photos this afternoon of all the beads and I'm so thrilled with them, especially the crystals...wish I had thought of it before!!! So is the first of three post that I was talking about...

My beads have arrived...
On September 13th I entered a contest on Pearl's blog, a fellow Canadian, You really must visit her blog as her posts are always interesting, and informative, but often she showcases unique and unusual designers/jewelry. The prize for Pearl's draw was African trade bone beads from For The Love of Beads a Canadian online bead store, which is run by Emily and Suzanne the bead ladies who look after the store and their husbands Mike and Hayden who are the webmasters.

Here are my beads and I'm thrilled with them...take a look!!!
I received three 16 inch strands of these brown and beige beads, very earthy and rustic looking...I can dress these up or down, pair with other bone beads, wood, pewter, or copper beads, or how about smokey quartz or onyx or even carnelian...there are endless possibilities for these!

I also received three 17 inch strands of these gorgeous dark brown and turquoise colored beads...they would work perfectly with turquoise stones and sterling silver or copper accents...but my choice would be sterling silver! Onyx and smokey quartz would also be will take me fore ever to decide!!!

I would like to thank Pearl for having the contest and Emily and Suzanne for providing such a great prize...imagine 6 strands of beads!!!

Don't forget to stop by and visit Pearl and the ladies of For The Love of Beads!!!

Cheers for my posts with "sparkling Swarovskis" coming soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I've decided!

As I'm sure most of you will remember I did a post back in the beginning of September regarding my gorgeous Turquoise Song pendant...which came from

I added the pendant to a double strand necklace as a focal...everything about the pendant reminded me of the swirling ocean...I've been drawn to water all my life...which is why I added the pieces to the necklace!

I was asked a question by Lisa, you can find her here... A Bead A Day, a great blog which I visit regularly...back to the question, Lisa was wondering if I was going to keep the necklace for myself???

I thought about it but I know if I did I wouldn't wear it, you see I have arthritis in my neck...I can't wear anything that I decided to do is keep the pendant for myself and put it on either a leather cord or a sterling silver chain, most likely the chain!

The double strand necklace will be offered for sale at my shows, but I couldn't part with the pendant!!!! I may have to split the necklace as I'm not sure there are many women who could wear such a heavy piece...will see what happens!

I have three posts waiting for photos...I take terrible ones inside so I was waiting for a sunny day or at least not raining, how about that! Having said that if the weather continues I may have to give in and take the photos inside!

So...stay tuned for some gorgeous beads to come...