Monday, October 26, 2009

Simply Elegant!

Here is the finished necklace made with the gorgeous tanzanite Swarovski filigree flower pendant that arrived from

If you remember I also received tanzanite Swarovski links as well as Swarovski tear drops. The links I spaced with in the chain and the tear drops as you see I hung from the pendant...

I decided to use a couple of clear bicone crystals along with a delicate round linked chain which I had on hand. I wire wrapped the bicones with sterling silver wire before adding them to the chain along with the Swarovski links...the round linked chain complimented the filigree effect of the pendant! I wire wrapped the pendant to rings because all my rings are 18g and the filigree around the edges was too small for the rings to fit through...not an issue for me but if you don't do much wire wrapping you would have to make sure you have a 20 gauge rings or smaller on hand. The tanzanite tear drops also had to be wire wrapped on to the pendant...a simple add with great results.

I have to congratulate the Swarovski company as they out-did themselves when they made this filigree flower pendant.. I can't say enough how gorgeous it is...delicate looking but substantial without being too heavy, it is rhodium plated which will help to keep it bright and sparkly as the day you receive it!

I wire wrapped two clear crystals to two of the links for a simple pair of complementing earrings which you see in the photo below. has over 20 other filigree flower pendants for you to check, silver or rhodium plated, with different colored Swarovski crystal, ranging in size from 19.5 x 19.5mm to 38 x 38 mm...

When I first saw the pendant I new right away what I wanted to do with it...something simple but elegant...not too fussy... is a great place to shop...they have some of the most interesting and unique items I've not found else where...
Thank you


  1. Simply elegant Heather. I especially like those links and the earrings.

  2. Just gorgeous! Now I see what you had in mind with the drops.

  3. Thank you Mei...when I wear something I prefer it to be very simple...the necklace I would wear if going someplace special other wise it is a bit to fussy for me...but the pendant on a simple chain by itself now that would be me!!!

    Thanks Pearl...that is exactly what I thought of when I saw the pendant...funny how something comes to mind at first glance and you know it has to be that way.

    Cheers Ladies...

  4. How delicate ! and a little bit mysterious , I like it a lot , bravo , Laura

  5. Thanks Mountaindreamers...I was making something I could see myself wearing for a special occasion...having said that... it is a little fussy for me it is still something I style is a pendant on a chain or leather cord...


  6. Oh wow, perfection! I'd love to see it on!! (me!), just kidding! This is GORGEOUS and what a perfect way to use it, the chain is fabulous!

  7. That is beautiful and just my color! I love blue gemstones (my birthstone is the sapphire...lucky me!) :D

    I was browsing through your store. Love that paw pendant. Too cute, and reminds me of my lil' sweetie pie, Mika! ;)
    I will have to stop back and look some more! ;)


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