Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winning beads!

Laundry room photography studio!!!!!!!
For the month of September we had warm sunny weather but the minute I wanted to take photos it started to rain, got cold and windy....down right nasty!!!
For the last three years I've tried to take photos indoors, in every room imaginable, upstairs, downstairs, living room, dining room...I've never been satisfied with the results after taking what felt like 100's...poor lighting, no sparkle, wrong color, etc., etc., etc.

BUT...Late yesterday afternoon it dawned on me when I was doing laundry that the window right beside my dryer just might have the perfect lighting!!! I couldn't believe it was staring me in the face daily. I went to take a few photos and of course my battery died so I had to wait until it charged, which takes a few hours. I took the photos this afternoon of all the beads and I'm so thrilled with them, especially the crystals...wish I had thought of it before!!! So is the first of three post that I was talking about...

My beads have arrived...
On September 13th I entered a contest on Pearl's blog, a fellow Canadian, You really must visit her blog as her posts are always interesting, and informative, but often she showcases unique and unusual designers/jewelry. The prize for Pearl's draw was African trade bone beads from For The Love of Beads a Canadian online bead store, which is run by Emily and Suzanne the bead ladies who look after the store and their husbands Mike and Hayden who are the webmasters.

Here are my beads and I'm thrilled with them...take a look!!!
I received three 16 inch strands of these brown and beige beads, very earthy and rustic looking...I can dress these up or down, pair with other bone beads, wood, pewter, or copper beads, or how about smokey quartz or onyx or even carnelian...there are endless possibilities for these!

I also received three 17 inch strands of these gorgeous dark brown and turquoise colored beads...they would work perfectly with turquoise stones and sterling silver or copper accents...but my choice would be sterling silver! Onyx and smokey quartz would also be will take me fore ever to decide!!!

I would like to thank Pearl for having the contest and Emily and Suzanne for providing such a great prize...imagine 6 strands of beads!!!

Don't forget to stop by and visit Pearl and the ladies of For The Love of Beads!!!

Cheers for my posts with "sparkling Swarovskis" coming soon!


  1. Wow! These are beautiful and unique beads!Congrats on winning and on finding a nice sunny spot for pics!

  2. Kudos to you for the win! ;)
    It's great when you find the right light for your pics. I understand what you mean! Inside my house it's almost impossible, since I live in an apartment with curtains up so my nosy neighbors can't see in!
    Outside daylight is always the best! ;)

  3. Oh wow, I bet you were so surprised! That's so cool and very generous!! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention! The beads are in capable hands - I am sure the resulting designs will be gorgeous!

  5. Those just LOOK like you! And I know you'll do something exquisite with them. So glad you won and how nice of her to have a contest like that. Can wait to see your beautiful designs. :)

  6. Heather you are so lucky!...salivating here
    Anyway, I am passing you the "One Lovely Blog Award" and "Premio Meme Award" - they are at my blog here -

  7. Great haul! I'm sure you'll have lots of good ideas on how to use them. :O)

  8. thanks for stopping by the blog, and I will wait with anticipation to see what you craft from your winnings!

  9. So glad you like them! I am looking forward to seeing what you create!


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