Monday, January 26, 2009

Flash back...1960's & 1970's

Does anyone remember the oh so popular "Mood Rings"??? They were the "in thing" in both the 60's and 70's...
I had one, long gone now though...the color of the stone would change, supposedly according to the persons mood! Of course we know the color change is due to the wearers body temperature fluctuation but then our body temperature does change with our moods...besides the idea of the color changing with our mood was more fun!!

In the fall I came across a new generation of "mood beads", purchased a few strands and made necklace, a couple of bracelets and rings, customers loved them. The necklace was particularly interesting because when the customer tried it on we saw a whole range of colors, as the beads don't all touch the body to the same degree. After all this time people still enjoy the idea of the beads changing color on their body...they are fun!! I've just made a few more bracelets and though I would share a few photos of the color changes.

This bracelet shows colors ranging from dark to medium brown to a tiny bit of yellow and green in the bead front left...

This is the same bracelet after I held in in the palm of my had for 10 seconds or can see a nice rich cobalt blue...although the one bead front/left is showing a slight bit of green...

The man behind the idea of Mood Rings is Marvin Wernick, who in the 60's happened to watch a doctor friend use a heat sensitive liquid crystal plastic strip which was developed to take children's temperatures easily. At the time Marvin was a jewelry maker and saw great possibilities for this product. He made rings using a this product but unfortunately he didn't patent the idea and another fellow used the idea and made millions!

Look at all the colors here...dark green, teal, brown, a rusty shade...
The next two photos show the same can see the lovely cobalt blue in the center which is were I held the bracelet...the ends remain the dark green with a touch of brown...

This is a different bracelet but again we have dark/medium brown, dark/medium green, rusty brown...
Of course the gorgeous cobalt after I held in my closed fist...
A different view so you could see the teal, and green shades where I didn't have it in my hand...
I'm sure you want to know what the colors are supposed to mean, here you are...

Hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane...


  1. yes! I remember... i was a little girl at the time but oh did I love my mood ring!!! and these are wonderful! I didn't know about the background (thanks for sharing) and didn't know you could get beads like that!!! gorgeous pieces! I love them!!!

  2. OOOOOOHHHH! These are exquisite and what a great idea!!! I was obsessed with mood rings when I was a kid and still love them!

  3. I do remember the mood rings! They were still popular in the 1970's too. I had one then.
    I love your mood bracelets. Beautiful!
    You are so creative.
    Thank-you for your visits and comments.
    Have a great day.

  4. I remember those! Your bracelets are gorgeous!

  5. Very nice indeed. And a ideal craft to help pass those long Winter nights.

  6. Yep, I remember mood rings when I was younger! I loved those rings and remembered wearing it so proudly and showing off my "moods"! =)
    The bracelet is awesome and looks so much fun!

  7. Those bracelets look great. I had one of those mood rings. I have seen them for sale here in Alberta still.

  8. Thank you for stopping by my Blog today and for your nice comments on my designs! I LOVE your "mood" bracelets, and I'll bet the necklaces are gorgeous! What a great idea~

  9. Thank you everyone for stopping by and taking the time to leave a few kind is always very much appreciated!!!!!!!

    I thought everyone would remember the Mood rings they were so popular way back when!! :0)
    I have a feeling the beads will be a hit this season...


  10. Gorgeous bracelets with very pretty colors! The color chart with the meanings really helps understand each hue.
    Take care.

  11. mood rigs are awesome and this site is cool:)

  12. don't like them at all .....................................................................................just kidding they are beatufil


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