Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soups On!

February is Heart Month!!!!!!

I'm in the midst of preparing for what is called "Soups On", which is a fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of North Bay. February is Heart and Stroke month so there is much happening across the country. For Soups On, local establishments in and around the area prepare a "pot of soup" which they bring to a meeting place where people can come for a small fee and enjoy a hearty lunch taste testing all the wonderful soups...last year the lunch included coffee, water, veggies and fruit. On a cold winter day what more could you want?

I've been a supporter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation personally for years as my father, grandfather and both grandmothers died from heart disease and one of my brothers had a massive heart attack 9 years ago at the age of 43...he has since recovered and is leading a healthy life. It is my strong belief research is the primary reason he is alive today, which contributes to why I support the Heart and Stroke Foundation financially.

I love the color of these lampwork beads, purple and lime green with a touch of gold in there...I know it is a little difficult to see...

In December of 2007 I decided I could do a little more to contribute to the Heart and Stroke Foundation so I decided to make jewelry, each piece with a heart, big or small it didn't long as the item I made had a heart on it someplace I would contribute a portion of the sale from that item to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For the past year I've made all different manner of items, but this year I also plan to focus on one special piece that will be produced regularly, but until I perfect the idea I'll keep it under wraps...for now here are a few of the items I've just made to display at Soups On...I don't sell my product at this luncheon, but make the public aware of what it is I'm doing and what is available...

One piece of Argentium wrapped to make a heart and the ear wire...simple which we know I like!

A great pair of turquoise hearts...for wrapping the hearts and the ear wires I've used anodized Niobium, which is strong, corrosion resistant and hypo-allergenic wire...for those who aren't familiar anodized is "To coat (a metallic surface) electrolytically with a protective or decorative oxide" courtesy of . The coating give it the great chocolate brown color, but it comes in a rainbow of colors. I've decided to try this product as I've had a number of people ask me about it in the last year or so as more an more people are having issues with allergies. It has also come to my attention not all stainless steel is nickle now have nickle free stainless steel ear wires in stock.
One piece of Argentium Silver wire wrapped into a heart as a pendant...all that is left to do is hang it from a chain or never know I could also add a gemstone or crystal , or I could hammer it a bit!

The red set at the top is a very pretty set of lampwork beads, wire wrapped of course with Argentium silver....

Take a moment to visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation website...their motto is "Finding Answers. For life"


  1. Very pretty earrings. I love hearts.

  2. The soup really sounds good today with this cold spell we are having down south. 14F this moring.
    The Heart and Stroke Foundation is certainly a worthy cause.
    All of your heart jewelry is beautiful, but I think my favorite is the turquoise ones. Lovely!!
    Have a great day.

  3. Those are beautiful!
    My father had heart disease. He had angina and two heart attacks before he died of cancer.

  4. Thanks HotRocks I do too!!

    I know ga.farmwoman, soup would be good is a cold one today it is still only 1F(-17C) here right now...
    I like the turquoise as well it is one of my favorites!

    So sorry about your father Tammy, to have survived serious heart disease but to die from cancer, very sad! Thanks for the kind words!


  5. Beautiful earrings ! especially the purple ones are a very pretty color.

  6. Those are beautiful. red is one of my fav colors. All your pieces are so nice. Marlo

  7. They are all amazing and at first I thought wow when I saw the red ones and then I saw the purple which blew me away and then I saw the silver and I was just oohing and awwing. I think you must be one of the most talented jewelry makers out there!

  8. Stop by when you get a chance-I have an award for you!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hearts...especially the turquoise pair of earrings...and for such a good cause...I also LOVE the new look of your blog...nothing like Winter to give us time to catch up on ALL our computer work...big hugs...:))))

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog all the way over in Africa :) I love the idea of "Soups On" - how wonderful to support such a worthwhile cause. I also think that your jewellery items are lovely.
    Bye for now
    Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

  11. It's a great cause and I'm sure your earrings will be a hit. The lampwork pair with the blue, green, and bit of gold, are my favorite.

    The red pair makes me anticipate Valentine's Day and SPRING--the bright red makes me feel upbeat!

    Thank goodness we've learned to connect health with diet and exercise. :)

  12. Beautiful items. You have a lot of creativity. -- Sudipta

  13. Oh, how nice! Those red ones at the top are my favorites! ;)

  14. I love them all, if only I had someone special to give them to.
    I wish you all a happy Valentine's day!

  15. Wonderful! I love the red hearts!!♥♥
    Remind me of the hot red cinnamon heart candy that I am so fond of!
    Beautiful work... you are so talented!

  16. Oh, what beautiful earrings. If I could afford them, I would love to have the purple earrings.

    I'm so glad your brother recovered and is doing well now. What a terrible scare he must have had. I'm so sorry you lost so many members of your family to heart disease. You are doing a wonderful thing by contributing so others might be saved.

  17. I just love coming over here and looking at your beautiful jewelry!

  18. I just love coming over here to look at your beautiful jewelry!

  19. Thanks Sadie...

    Thank you Hafts Happenings...I'm not a huge fan of red but these in person are actually a very nice shade of red!

    Such kind words Heidi...I'm not but sure do try hard!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Amy...the purple are my favorite as well! I was visiting blogs and saw a few with new looks and decided it was time!! :0)

    Thanks Lynda...I truly enjoy visiting your blog...

    I agree Lynda...the old saying "we are what we eat" is so very true...

    Thank you dealstosave...

    Thanks Fitness Diva...these ones are a very nice shade of red!

    Thanks Walt...a happy Valentines Day to you as well!

    Thanks Michele...I do remember those red cinnamon hearts...not a favorite of mine but my daughter just loved them!

    Thank you Mountain brother is living proof that a person can come back from a terrible heart attack and go on to be a healthy productive member of society! I know sometimes the damage is too severe but not always...

    LOL...thank you Hafts Happenings!


  20. I love the hearts! All of your jewelry is beautiful~


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