Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'll be away!

I'm going to be away until March 11th, with little possibility of internet access...therefore my visiting/commenting will most likely be non existent until after March 11th.

I leave you with a look at a few pieces of my spring collection...I have a show March 27th, 28th and 29th for which I've begun preparing.

The necklace above a wonderful combo of amazonite and amethyst, all findings are sterling silver and the wire is sterling silver coated! I do have matching earrings, in fact two different styles but I forgot to take their photo...

Again we have the amazonite stone spaced with sterling silver beads, all findings are sterling silver for this lovely bracelet. I love this color, will have to add it to my favorites list.

One of my favorite gemstones, amethyst spaced with purple jasper and sterling silver beads, the pendant is purple jasper as well! Shads of purple will be hot this spring!!!

Of course we have the matching earrings...I've learned my lesson, when making gemstone necklaces there must also be a pair of earrings to match, they sell as a set. I'm not one to wear matching earrings and necklace but many women are!

Here is my first attempt at a wire wrapped pearl pendant...I was surprised to find out it is much harder to do than it looks!!! :0)

Love I wouldn't wear them because I wear much simpler jewelry myself but I do like the way these turned out!

This is eye catching... onyx and amozonite stones, while the focal is a beautiful lampwork bead necklace, all sterling silver findings...I like to do contrast such as these...makes a nice statement I think!

The matching earrings...

This necklace is very light weight wood beads spaced with tiny amber round beads, findings are copper. Wood will be big again this year.

Here we have two completely different styles of earrings, of which one pair will go with the necklace...there is also a matching bracelet.
There you have it for now...see you March 12th.


  1. Very elegant and pretty colors Heather !

  2. Have a wonderful, restful time away. It's hard to live without internet access but then after a few days, you won't miss it. I'm going to work hard to afford your amethyst and purple jasper necklace. All your pieces are so incredibly beautiful.

  3.'ve been very busy Heather!!!...such a great the pearl wire wrapped pendant...good for you for trying something new and having great success!!! Have a WONDERFUL time away and the blessing of very little internet access...:))))

    Be safe and warm!!
    love, Amy

  4. With such beautiful designs I know that your show will be a smashing success! See you soon!

  5. Missing you....loving the beauty you left us with...

  6. all beautifull!!!! but those amozonite piece are to die for!!!! I am ready for summer :-)


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