Wednesday, January 30, 2008

~New Etsy Listings~

I have a couple of lovely pieces for you to look at today! I listed these January 29th on Etys...

This first piece is simply elegant, Ruby Quartz teardrops, swarovski crystal cubes and a fancy sterling silver chain, make for a statement!

If you love pink this is the piece for you...
Delicate rose Chalcedony are wire wrapped in the shape of an elegant flower, swarovski crystasls and a fancy sterling silver chain finish off this must have necklace!


  1. Heather, this pink flower pendant reminds me so much of the pink plum blossoms on the tree right outside our home! When it's in full bloom, I have to snd you a pix! It's a very pretty necklace! I used to think I can't wear pink...till I start coming across beautiful pink beads & stones! - xue

  2. Thank you Xue...please do send the pic...H

  3. blogmaster...thanks for the compliment! H


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