Sunday, August 17, 2008

Links are white again!

I know I'm off topic again but I thought this answer might be of help to some of you who have had similiar problems!

First, thank you to those who took the time to offer help regarding the blue and pink links!!! As you may notice they are back to white... :0)

I posted the question in the Blogger Group help section and a fellow there had a great suggestion...remove all the Word coding in the Ruby post and see what happens...(he could see there was a problem with the coding for that post).

I composed the Ruby post in Word, pasted to Blogger and had problems with the font etc., right from the removed the Ruby post and voila the links are back to white. I'm now in the process of removing all the Word coding but it is slow and difficult for me. I wondering if it would just be easier to retype the whole think in least I know exactly what I'm doing there...

My lesson learned not compose in Word and past to Blogger, as the coding doesn't mix well!!!

I will be back on topic later in the week...

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  1. AHA!.. thankyou I have done the same at I know why..:)


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