Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally, new photos!!!

Here are a few new photos...I'm so slow at getting around to taking photos that unfortunately many of my pieces where sold on the weekend before I had the chance to take the photos...
These wonderful pink chalk turquoise balls are wire wrapped in Argentium silver, with a sterling silver lobster claw... these lovely turquoise beads remind me of pink bubble gum, you know the kind that is individually wrapped...used to love that kind as a child!

~~~Argentium sterling silver for those of you who will want to know is a sterling silver in which the metalloid germanium is replacing a percentage of the copper. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.50% copper. Argentium sterling silver is more expensive than sterling silver but it is tarnish resistant which for many is a worth the extra cost!~~~

This is a stunning piece of chalcedony with a naturally occurring cavity in which crystals have formed...this is called a "Drusy"...I often had people ask if the pendant was sold on the weekend to someone who knew exactly what it was and was thrilled with it!

Ahhh..some of my favorite charms...I'm a "sun, sand and water" person so I love everything to do with the is a gorgeous all sterling silver bracelet made with me in went to a good home on the weekend...I will make another!!!

A sterling silver pendant, hand cut, sanded and stamped, hanging from a black leather cord...simple but effective!

This striking pendant looks like turquoise but it actually is a form of jasper...strung on a black leather cord it does make a statement!

Now from the retro collection...isn't this circles attached to a black leather cord...

Brass, brass, and more brass, with a lovely delicate yellow glass bead...

I like fact I wear a pair myself, without the stones, often...sterling silver wire, with three sparkling clear quartz rondelles...

Another retro piece...large resin beads, tied on a natural colored leather looks short in this photo but it is acutally a long piece...this went to a great home on the weekend as well...retro is popular this season!

Watch for the August "Birthstone of the Month" coming soon!



  1. Each time I visit I am more and more impressed with the beauty and creativity of your pieces. I love the pink and the locket piece!

  2. wow...those pieces are gorgeous! my personal favorite is the bow with embellishments & a bead/stone. beautiful piece =)

    please visit my blog!

  3. oh I love the charm bracelet Heather and the last retro piece..beautiful !!!

  4. a nice problem to have ..:) ..everything selling before you can get Pitures

  5. Thanks Heidi...

    @lacouturier...thank you...great blog!

    The charm bracelet is one of my personal favorites as well Kim...I've black and cream left of those great retro resin beads...will do something with them shortly...

    You know are right...I was just mad at myself for not taking the time to take the pictures...I do that often as I don't really like taking I put if off and next thing you know the pieces are gone...:0)I should have a photographer, someone to take care of my website and Etsy store and then I would have time to make product...which for me is what I love to do!!!!! Since I can't have those employees things get behind!!! :0)

    Cheers everyone...

  6. These are beautiful! I really like that pendant. I have one Friday left to come and see you! The summer went WAAAY too fast...

  7. I know Michelle...I can't believe it myself...Rosseau will be done on August 29th and I have to say I will miss it...I really enjoy being there...

    Thank you for the kind words...don't worry about this year...there is always next year...I will be there as long as they will have me!!!



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