Saturday, May 15, 2010

A heartfelt gesture...

Last December a friend of mine was kind enough to do a guest post featuring my Heart and Stroke jewelry series!

The creator of Crystal Allure jewelry, Stephanie, sent me a lovely "Designs Featured Banner" to put on my side bar...take a few minutes to visit her as she features her gorgeous hand crafted jewelry on her blog "Behind The Design" as well as her website. Stephanie also makes awareness jewelry "Animal Awareness", "Cystic Fibrosis Awareness" and "Transplant Awareness"...

As many of you know, I make pendants such as the "Broken Heart" from sterling silver, sometimes I stamp messages on the pendant or sometimes I "mend" the hearts like this one ...I also make heart shaped earrings with wire...

Great Etsy artists pendants are fun to use in my pieces!

Heart shaped semi precious stones are always make great necklaces & earrings!

As I mentioned to Stephanie...the reason I make this series is simple...heart disease has touched my life!!! When something I make includes a heart as part of the design, sells, I make a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I've been doing this since December 2008. I feel there isn't enough understanding of just how "deadly" heart disease is... unfortunately it isn't taken seriously until it is too late!!!

A heartfelt thank you to Stephanie for her part in bringing to attention all manner of issues with her guest posts and her awareness jewelry!
Enjoy your weekend!

PS....was anyone have a difficult time with Blogger this morning, not doing what it is suppose to do??? This is not how the post looked when I was finished but I'm not going to fight with it any things to do!!! :0)


  1. Great cause and beautiful pieces. Have a great weekend! :O)

  2. Love the broken heart pendant. Thank you for bringing awareness to heart disease and strokes. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hello my friend
    what a nice collection you have, they are all beautiful hard to choose,
    very graceful cause, all the best

  4. Olá minha amiga, Hello my friend;

    Obrigada, Thank you!!

    Maria Paula

  5. Love the heart designs!! Blogger does have some hiccups from time to time.

  6. Heather! Wow, I LOVE the red hearts! And you KNOW how much I love the broken heart. I bought it! It will always be so special to me and signifies something very important in my life.

    I gave up on trying to create in Blogger and only use Windows Live Writer now. You create in it and it lets you upload right to Blogger. No more fighting. You have complete control. Absolutely love it. Maybe it would work for you!

  7. Thanks for using the featured banner Heather. I so love your heart collection and the purple swirl colored heart above -so pretty! Keep up the fantastic designs and I know from experience, every donation counts and makes a difference!

  8. Heather, your Heart series is so touching and beautiful. It is wonderful that we can advocate for our loved ones with our art..:)))

  9. I absolutely love the mended heart! What a testament to the strength of someone to overcome anything! With a little handmade love, any heart will mend. Just lovely. Well done Heather!


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