Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crazy Buzy!!!

As the title says I've been "crazy busy" & I will be for the next couple of months as I'm moving!

The first Market day went, sunny, great entertainment & a good crowd for a long weekend, fun was had by all! The only negative was I had a necklace stolen!!! I didn't get any photos last week...I actually forgot!

Yesterday was another wonderful Market day, two warm sunny Market days in a row, so perfect. Our yearly Pancake Festival was very well received, we had huge crowds of people at the Market yesterday. Unfortunately I had another necklace stolen and another vendor had her cash box stolen($500.00)...I was not happy last week, but this Saturday I was down right angry!!!! We contacted the police but we don't hold any hope in anything being returned or the perpetrators being caught...having said that the Police department needs to be aware...we plan on checking into what we can do about having a police presence at the Market once or twice during the day!

On a happier note here are a few photos I managed to take yesterday...

In the booth next to me was an occasional vendor, a great lady by the name of Claudette Jesso, (not in the photo)...she makes fabulous bags from upholstery fabric, some with a bit of bling for added can see the fellow holding up two! :0) Claudette also makes wonderful baby quilts and cute long eared bunnies!

Checking out some of the gorgeous potted plants available at the Market!

If you look very carefully, depending on how good your eyes are...:0) there is a sign on the left hand side, hanging from the blue tent which says "Pancakes $1.00"...there was a long line most of the Market day with people waiting to enjoying tasty pancakes drizzled with delicious Mathews Maple Syrup... a heartfelt thank you to the folks from Mathews Maple Syrup a local producer & one of our vendors for making the pancakes & supplying the syrup! Well done!!!

I didn't get photos of the Buskers, but they are somewhere in the sea of people above!!! A young fellow by the name of Aidan entertained us with his violin skills first thing followed by the Celtic sounds of Stack of Barley...I enjoy the festive feel the Buskers bring to the Market!

All things considered it was truly a great day!!! Looking forward to next Saturday...



  1. Sounds like a really busy market! Good for business but bummer about the thefts. Hope it doesn't happen again next week.

  2. Sorry to hear about the necklace. My sis-in-law sells at framer's markets in the Seattle area and has had a few items stolen. She now attempts to pin things down. Its tough for the vendor who had the cash box stolen. Maybe the vendors can get together or the organizers chip in for some security, but you are never going to completely stop it. Glad you had a good day after all that. Nice pictures, beautiful day!

  3. Yes Pearl & is a busy Market...theft is something we know we can't prevent, but we want those who would be so bold to know we aren't going let this go without doing what we can. The necklaces for me are an inconvenience but for the vendor who had her cash box stolen it is a serious issue!!! We will see what we can come up with! Thanks for stopping by...

  4. You're moving! No more sunsets for me to gaze upon in beautiful jealousy... :O)

  5. I hope your move goes well! It's so hard to pack everything in boxes! I'm sorry about the thefts and hope you have a more honest crowd next weekend.

  6. You know Diane the sunsets are one of the things I will miss the most!!!

    Thanks Debbie...isn't it sad when a few spoil things for the the the crowd as a whole by being dishonest!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies...cheers!

  7. MOVING!!!!!!...say it ain't so...nooooo, I'm w/ all the Gals who will miss the beautiful views...I trust that you are happy will be VERY w/ your new abode (we'll look forward to some beautiful pics)...but moving is stressful and alot of work, yet cathartic @ the same time...

    Glad that the weather was so perfect for the market, but, my goodness, these days especially, you really have to keep an extra eye out for everything...I WANT SOME PANCAKES!!!

  8. Awww, Heather, I'm sorry about the thefts. I can't believe the audacity of some people. They have so little (or no) respect for people and their lively hoods. The sad part is, even with police present, there's so many people there, that the bad people will still do bad things.

    Sending you some beady good hugs darlin! Two weeks of beautiful weather is such a blessing!


  9. Awww, that's terrible Heather (that you had two necklaces stolen). ugh. I hate people who disrespect. Grr! I can only imagine the traffic that goes through an event like that -well, congrats to you on your outlook towards it. I wish you the BEST of sales, lots of beady love and good luck with you move. Hope you had a fab holiday weekend!

  10. I hope they never wear that necklace with any peace and joy. How could they?

    Hope the move goes perfectly!

  11. Sounds like it was good fun, except for the unfortunate thefts. I'm sorry you had to put up with that.

    Hope your move goes well and you can get back to the creative stuff!

  12. Hey Heather! Just wanted to wish you well on your move & future markets. I'll keep my fingers crossed that no more 'sticky fingers' find your jewelry.

    Have a great week.

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
    "Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

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