Friday, January 29, 2010

Sparkle & Shine!

It took me a while to first of all start this fact I was half done and I left it for about a week. I've been having a creative block when it comes to making jewelry. Which is part of the reason I've been showing so much in the way of my attempts at drawing and my photos! Have to have something to post!

Since early December the only time I made anything new was for custom orders that came in, the Monet Challenge and this bracelet???

I will have to get myself in gear because I have two shows coming up...Feb. 11th "All that glitters" & Feb. 12th the "Soups On" which is a Heart & Stroke Foundation fundraiser! More about that later...

For now I would like to show you my bracelet...remember the beginning of January I did a post about these gorgeous beads from a mixture of Bali, Hill Tribe, and sterling silver, with the gorgeous Indian Pink & Mocca roundelle Swarovski crystals...not to forget the star toggle. I get side tracked so easily sometimes...when I was cutting and pasting the links I just happened to notice has a total of 3068 silver beads if you combine them altogether...there are so many to choose from!!!!

I can't say enough how lovely these two new colors are...but then I'm a huge fan of all shades of browns, as I mentioned the Indian Pink has a slight hint of purple which sold me right away!!!

I have to tell you I tried 4 times to lay this bracelet out to take an interesting shot and show off the detail...I think sometimes I try too hard... finally I picked it up from both ends and let it go and voila...there you have it, so I left it that way!
This is definitly a "me" bracelet as I often wear bracelets with dangles...the movement appeals to me...

Have a great weekend...

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  1. Lovely bracelet, Heather! Great use of assymetry and a pretty colour combination too!
    Nothing wrong with taking awhile when you end up with something like this. =)

  2. Heather this is GORGEOUS!!!! I love it! I too love the Indian Pink crystals and can't wait to get my hands on some!

    Beautiful bracelet hon!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. ooo, my brain was well and truly rattled but it was quite cleansing stripping it back!

    hugs xxx

  4. really pretty Heather, sometimes "posing " the piece is such a challenge, and to do it differently oh my ! Yes I am loving the longer days , I was walking the dogs at 5 : 30 and reveled in the fact that it was not pitch black xx take care my friend.

  5. Finally made it through 5 pop up screens trying to sell me something.....

    I love dangly too. The movement is entertaining :O)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Heather! The silver beads give the bracelet the extra elegance! Wonderful as always!

  7. Love the asymmetry of it. Awesome! Love that steampunk looking silver bead, I may have to get some of those.

  8. Wow! That is a stunning bracelet Heather!! And your picture is fantastic! Glad to see you got a little beading groove back. :-)

  9. Thanks Emi...took me a long time to allow myself to be asymmetric...

    Hey Sue, thank you for your kind words...I'm happy to know my brain wasn't the only one rattled...misery loves company!!! :0)

    I know what you mean Laura...I too love the longer days...winter has never been my favorite time!

    Aw...sorry Diane...but thank you for not giving up!!!

    I like to use silver in all my projects...I like brass/copper as well but my customers don't yet!

    I'm always looking for interesting unique beads Mikki...that is why I love your latest endearing with polymer beads!

    Hey photos are improving, I'm finally figuring out what works best with my lighting...thanks for saying so!!

    Thank you ladies for stopping to have you visit...

  10. Wow, I love those colors together!


Thank you for taking the time to is truly appreciated!