Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eye, lips, nose & photos!!!

Here we go again...a mixture of things!
This time an eye, lips, a nose and my view

I like these dark blue skies...with just a hint of pink at the horizon

My first pair of lips...this is part of my first lesson for Misty Mawn's class...I had enjoyed drawing these...

Don't you just love the sun shining like this cross the water?

My first attempt to draw an eye...again for my drawing class.
I enjoyed drawing this as well...

Look at that blue sky...early fall, the leaves are just beginning to change...next year I'll do a day by day to see the colors...they are gorgeous! I've always meant to but some how I've never gotten around to it !

Finally...my attempt to draw a nose...didn't enjoy this one much...I guess I'll have to work at it because I can't draw a face without a nose!!! This one certainly won't do!!! It's alright you can chuckle...I do myself when I look at it!!!

All in all I enjoyed the drawing...this is my first attempt at any of the face parts...I've been told few artists are born, most have to practice, practice, practice in order to achieve success...I may have to add a few more practices!!!



  1. Okay, Heather...lips and eyes get an A+ - they are amazing, but the nose....I see a naked Turkey ready for stuffing..;)
    I know we are giggling together cause it's said in fun.
    Good for you for pursuing your creative talents.

    Thanks for the shots of the lake. At this time of year, I forget about the days when the lake is not frozen, covered with ice and snow...and in our neck of the woods...shacks as far as the I can see.
    Take care.

  2. what beautiful photos!
    and don't worry, you did great. it does take practice, so give up.

  3. Norma you crack me up...LOL
    Thanks for the high grade for the eye & lips!!! I do promise to work on the nose...I know it is bad...it is the first time I've ever tried to draw anything to do with the face...I couldn't seem to get get the nose and I spent more time on it than the eye or lips!!!
    If was looking through my photos and came across these and thought it might be nice to see open water...

    Thanks Marbella...I will practice...I'm having fun, except for the nose, but I can't draw a nose less face so I'm going to have to keep at if for sure!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies...

  4. Those are some beautiful pics! And as far as noses.... noses are HARD, but once you get the hang of them, they can also be reallllly fun! I'm a BFA major, so I just took my first figure drawing class last semester - it was great. I hope you keep at it!

  5. Thanks Callie...this is my first attempt at drawing...I have to now do a complete face...should be interesting!!! The course is drawing & painting faces...Misty Mawn who is the instructor puts a great deal into her course line-up!!! I know I will learn a great deal from her...
    Thanks for stopping by...

  6. The sunset pictures remind me of the place where I grow up once upon a time...a far away place. Lucky you to be able to pursue your dream/s. I like the lips best and all the sunset pix.
    My birthday was last 18th Jan so the giveaway is kind of a belated one...hehe..I got lots of best wishes in my facebook...that is why. Tell your friends about the giveaway. The ring is quite popular here.
    Thanks again.

  7. Thanks Mei...this is my first attempt at drawing/painting faces and I'm finding it is something that requires a great deal of time...

    I have a presence on Facebook but I'm not on a great deal so I do miss much!!!


  8. Hi Heather, I must say your drawings are coming right along. I also love the pictures you added in between. I take it you live close by a lake or ocean?. I am about two miles from a beautiful part of the Hudson River here in upstate NY. But my dream home someday will have a nice deck overlooking a body of water and just enjoy a cup of coffee and relax to get my day started. Thanks for all your great comments also. You're a gem :-)

  9. Omgosh , what beautiful water scenes. good for you for learning to draw, someone told me I should paint , I had to laugh, great that you are trying something new, great for the brain.

  10. I love sunshine on the ocean and multicolored sky scenes. They are the best!

    Isn't drawing great? Looks to me like you have a natural flair for it! Practice just makes you better and better. ;)

  11. Great job Heather! Love the luscious skies(lips)the panoramic view (eyes) and can almost smell the clean air.
    Being your first attempt at drawing you did wonderfully!

  12. I think the drawings are great and can't wait to see what else you come up with. It's wonderful that you are pursuing something you love. I'm envious. I want to take a drawing class and I dabble a little. I have a book called, "Drawing on The Right Side of The Brain." You have to look in the mirror and draw a self-portrait in 30 minutes. Maybe one day I'll be brave like you and post it. It would fit right in with my humor blog!

  13. Well done Heather...I think that you are on to something...you have a great sense of 'line' and your keen eye for detail will certainly continue to come into play and you draw...expect the unexpected...that's the fun part...so, how do you get to Carnegie Hall???...practice, practice, practice...ENJOY!!!!

  14. Hello my gorgeous friend,
    I know you are talented but I didnt know that you are a photographer and a painter too.

    Great job Heather... Miss you


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