Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snow, sky, jewels, & faces!

I thought to be fair I should show you a photo of my view with snow and ice..it actually looks rather barren at this time of the year!

Here is my first full face...while I enjoyed the process, I had a difficult time with the complete face...couldn't seem to get the facial features gelling together! This was done with HB, HB2, HB4, blending stump & eraser of course...

I made the necklace below for a bead challenge on ArtBead Scene.com. The piece was to be inspired "La Pie" by Monet...the following gorgeous winter scene.

© Musée d'Orsay

In keeping with the winter white and neutrals I chose citrine, crazy lace agate, fossil coral, brass chain, white base metal chain, and silver plated wire. The five white and sand beads on the right are gorgeous polymer clay beads made by Artybecca. Each week for the month of January one designer is chose for the "Designer of the week"... I was thrilled to be chosen from amongst a wonderful group of designers on Monday January 18th, you can find the post here...

Another shot of my view..I loved the cloud formation..I enjoy watching the cloud patterns...doesn't take much to amuse me!!!

This is my second attempt at a face...done with a Stabilo pencil and titanium white paint, certainly won't be a favorite of mine! That is all I'm going to say about this piece...

Here is a fun tie die heart necklace just in time for Valentine's Day, not your traditional red...being non-traditional can add a little spice to the mix! This gorgeous polymer clay heart is by Elaine from Tooaquarius she makes both polymer clay beads & pendants as well as cane.
Enjoy your week!


  1. I love that white necklace - it's really difficult to make white stand out. Your different metal chains and different gemstones sure "popped" the design!

  2. Love the view! Something very zen about it, I feel like there's a haiku waiting to be written describing it :-)

    Your' faces are very nice! I can't draw very well so the fact that you're drawing and doing it even if you aren't satisfied with the results, it great! Keep going!

    LOve the tie dye heart (and I love the ABS challenge piece but you know that if you've had a chance to read your flickr), you're right it's not the traditional but what's tradition but a new fad begun long ago! So maybe you've started a new tradition!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely view, your faces and jewelry. It was quite a feast for the eyes!


  3. Your faces are good! The hair is so nice..that's one of my trouble areas but you really have done a good job! Love the jewelry and pictures. It's always fun to visit your blog!

  4. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful view! The colors are beautiful! Your artwork is progressing as well - and I don't think any artist is ever really satisfied with their work. It's the process that's important, I think. If you're enjoying what you are doing, enjoying learning and expressing, that's fantastic and powerful. C'est tres tres bien!

  5. Your monet necklace rendition is beautiful! And you should definately get into drawing more, I think your drawings are fabulous!

  6. It was a challenge I do agree Pearl...but I chose beads/chain inspired by the painting and it worked nicely...thanks!

    Hey Cindy...such gracious word...they are appreciated!!!

    Aw...thanks Debbie...I try to make it an interesting place to visit, when you say it is "fun" that is all I need to know I must be on the right track!!!

    Thanks Callie...I do plan on continuing with the art...I didn't sign up for the workshop to learn faces but to learn technique...it just happened to be a face drawing workshop!

    Your kindness is appreciated Stephanie...I'm going for it, regarding the drawing...in one year I'm going to do a then and now post on where I've managed to arrive!!! If I don't do it remind me!!!!! :0) I loved those polymer white & tan beads so had to do something to show case them!!!

    Thanks ladies...as always...I love it when you visit!!!!

  7. I didn't realise you were a budding artist. I definitely think you're on the right track with the faces. If you can draw people you can draw anything, well, that's what my art prof always used to tell me, particularly when I kicked up a fuss at not having a live model.
    Love the white necklace! TooAquarious does some really nice polymer work even if she is now my competition :)

  8. Hey Mikki...barely budding...but I'm having a great time! It is an online class and I'm learning a great deal...

    Thanks for the kind words...yes TooAquarius,work is great...but then so is yours!!!
    Thanks for stopping by...

  9. Hi Heather,

    Those noses are fantastic!

    I love your shots of the lake.

    That's a beautiful heart pendant.


  10. The photos would make stunning cards...(can't help myself)...and your faces are coming along...you must keep your 'early works'...stash them away @ some point, and then check back in 6 months or a year to see how much you have grown...I'm thrilled for you that you are taking an art class altogether...so enjoy...don't be hard on yourself...and the heart, well, yet,, another black turtleneck piece for sure...show off ALL the great colors!!

  11. Hi Heather,
    Thank you for visiting and your kind comments. You are such a sweetheart!

    Speaking of that, that heart necklace looks so yummy, like candy. Love it!

    I like seeing your drawings, too. The first one reminds me of an actress. People are fun to do.


  12. Hello again
    Are these paintings yours and Dawn???
    you are good my friend.
    by the way I added your blog on my blog roll, you can add mine if you like...


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