Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gotta love rings!

I find rings to be very popular...the only problem for me is to have the right sizes! It is not easy to do...the only rings I have a variety of sizes in is the fine silver stacking the one below with out the silver ball fused on top...

Here is another style that people seem to like...the Egyptian least that is what I call it!

These are great as they are somewhat adjustable, and can be designed many different ways, textured, smooth, curled ends, flat hammered ends, flattened balls at the end, etc....I think part of the appeal is they are wide and spread over the finger...I have to say I prefer wide rings myself.

The twisted rings are fun to make as I'm guaranteed no two will be the same...just won't happen!

I could make the two rings like the one below but even then the curves would be a different shape and size...

I'm beginning to experiment with setting stones in my rings and to come soon!
Enjoy the day...


  1. Neat! That last one looked like two horseshoes!!! :O)

  2. I like the first one with the silver ball fused to it. Love the twistys too!

  3. I like the Egyptian Ring :) Wonder how it would be with thick copper wire, hammered....

  4. Thanks Diane...yes that was kind of the idea!
    Thanks Regina...I wear one that has five or six balls fused together...I've larger hands so I usually wear rings that are wider, more substantiaal.

    I wear one similiar to the Egyptian ring...might be interesting in copper Mei...I've only got 18g copper, which isn't really thick enough...I would prefer 14 or even 12g, these two gauges would make a nice substantial ring.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies...

  5. Have I ever mentioned how creative you are? As an artist you are truly blessed with perfect skills and great imagination.

    It's people like you (who give honest advice also) that keep newbies like me inspired to continue on and not give up.


  6. Love the rings. I had someone at my open house last week that said "ohhhh, you should carry rings." But I don't for the same reasons you listed... ring sizes are so specific, the inventory I would need to carry would be ginormous for a live event. And because my pieces are OOAK, having 3, 4 or 5 of the same thing go against that thought process for me. I don't think that way... I like to do different things.

    Hope you have a fantastic day!

  7. Hey Liha...thank you for the kind word, I truly appreciate them!

    Hey Dawn...thanks...I know what you mean regarding the rings, I rarely ever make two of anything but in metal it is less likely to have them come out the same, what happens happens. When people ask for exactly the same I always tell them I will make you what ever it is but because I make them no two will ever be the same and that is the beauty of hand made, making each piece that much more special!!!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies...enjoy the day!

  8. ooo I love these rings. I would love to learn how to make them. Do you know where one could take classes? I'm brand new to the blogging blog Wearabelles is about learning new things as a noobie beader. Please check it out at I appreciate the support!


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