Monday, December 28, 2009

More pictures!!!!!

I now have a whole file of photos as I managed to take many last week, and I've been slowly resizing to list and are a few pieces!

These are my Sticks...sterling silver hammered and hung from ear simple is that but you know I love to wear mine they are simple but stylish at the same time...I've also hung a bead from the bottom or hung the stick from a bead...rather versatile!

Here are Tri explanation required!

These are perfect for New Years...especially with a simple but elegant black dress???

Here is what I call the Open Window series...this is the second... the first and third I did somewhat differently as I cut the opening and bent back the silver to reveal the window...for this one I cut the opening with a cutter and removed the extra silver...I think I prefer the bent look, more rustic looking! I would show you the other two pendants for comparisons sake but they sold before I took a photo. This piece is sterling silver with a gorgeous British Columbia Jade teardrop wire wrapped and hanging from the window!!!

These earrings are crafted with sterling silver, the black wire wrapped dangles are one of my favorite to use onyx! Another pair perfect for New Years Eve!!!

I'll leave these with you for now...


  1. I LOVE all the earring designs you showed in this and the past post. Very inspiring!

  2. I do appreciate your kind words Pearl...

    Thanks Laura...I wear my pair of single sticks often they are fun & again simple, which is what works best for me!!!
    Thank you for stopping by ladies...

  3. Heather, you do such beautiful work! I love the tri-sticks, but Chandelier earrings always hold a special place in my heart! ;)

    Hope 2010 is great to you!

  4. just found you via misty's class - looks like we're both taking it :) what beautiful jewelry you have. will have to spend some time at your etsy. ciao! warmly, s


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