Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A bit of everything!

I'm a bit behind on my postings, picture taking and just about everything else, but that really isn't anything new...

On June 27th the North Bay Downtown Farmer's Market Busker was a singer who had been part of the Market entertainment for a number of years...he moved away and was back for a short while this summer so he agreed to perform twice, once on June 27th and again July 25th...his name is Matt Amond and he is a great "one man show"!!! As you know... as a Busker tips are your payment, Matt chose tho donate his tips for the day to the North Bay Food Bank...way to go Matt! Friday July 3rd my daughter and I started our third Market...this one is on the beautiful shores of Lake Rosseau. I particularly love this Market as it is almost like a mini vacation every Friday. There is a huge children's play area, which my grandson loved for the last two years...he is getting a bit older and not interested anymore. Below is the beach front before the swimmers and volley ball players arrive...there are life guards, as well as councilors who play games with the kids, everyone has a great time...part of the vendor's view! Early in the morning before it gets crowded...this is part of the vendor's view...can't ask for anything better!!! The NBDFM on Saturday July 4th was nice and sunny but that darn old north wind just won't go away...our Buskers for the day was the C-Denny Band...

The above photo is a file photo from their previous visit...it really was sunny on Saturday...I just for got my camera!

Our third Market is put on by the Callander Legion...hence the name is the Callander Market...it runs from 9:00am to 1:00pm every Sunday, in the Legion parking lot. I don't have any photos yet, hopefully next week...this market is very new, only three days old, so there is much to learn and figure out, right now the vendors and Market goers are not consistent. I'm hoping everyone will have patience while the Market goes through its growing pains. I've taken on the task of Buskers Coordinator but I'm having a difficult time coming up with Buskers, not sure if it is because it is on a Sunday or because it is new and not a great deal of people milling around? Regardless, I will keep going as I feel very strongly this could be a great Market for the community of Callander!

Here is my first attempt to make earrings using the RAW, which as many of you will know is the right angled weave...the design is courtesy of a tutorial by Carol Ladine Lagoski...the tutorial was well written, great photos and easy to work with...most important for me the whole process was enjoyable. If it isn't fun I won't be doing it! Since these I've made a quartz crystal pair as well... Cheers!


  1. It looks like so much fun and how nice of him to donate his earnings to such a good cause. I have never seen that weave but love its originality and electicness. Beautiful!

  2. Looks like Canadians know how to have a good time :-) I know nothing about weaving, but that's really lovely work.


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