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 Today I thought I’d like to talk about a stone that I think is rather interesting…it has a number of spellings for the word…druzy, drusy, druse, drusies…but they all are known to be in reference to the tiny quartz crystals that form either on the surface, or in crevices of the stone.  This makes for a very unique appearance.   Over the years when I’ve offered these kinds of stones people have showed a great deal of interest with the pieces selling quickly.

Emerald Green Drusy Dioptase Crystal Cluster,Druse crystals on matrix. from Altyn-tyube, Kazakhstan

Most of my information will be in point form but the way these stones are formed requires more detailed description…silica dissolved in running ground water seeps into porous rocks, if it cooks rapidly, which often happens, it causes tiny crystals either on the surface of the rock or in and small cavities, when this is on top of previously deposited minerals this is called a “drusy”. 

Blue Drusy Chrysocolla Gem Silica, Chrysocolla covered with druzy Quartz Crystals

Amethyst Crystal Cluster Purple Phantom Crystals, Violet Bi Color Amethyst, from the La Sirena Silver Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico

    It can be found in/on the following:
  • Chrysacolla, chalcedony, cobalto-calcite, malachite, psilomelane, carnelian, uvarovite, pyrite, hematite,
  •  Agate druzy is titanium coated in a vacuum chamber, a permanent metal coating, in shades of iridescent white, dark or bright blue
  • Most common is quartz druzy
  • Garnet, calcite and dolomite along with a few other minerals can be drusy coatings
  • Mined in the United States, Mexico, parts of South American, Africa and Europe
  • The popularity has increased in the last 10 years or so
  • The druzy often has the appearance of sugar crystals, is very bright and sparkly
  • Natural druzy is either transparent, beige or tan crystals
  • Colored druzy is synthetically enhanced
  • Druzy can also be dyed
  • have been on occasion coated with metals such as 24 carat gold
  • Most druzy are found in cabochon…these stones are flat one side and generally set in bezels
  • Druzy is not a delicate item but due to the shape and texture of these stones they are susceptible to damage it banged on a hard surface.
  • Size and shape of druzy is determined by the stone itself, generally a free formed shape
  • Comparatively the cost is less than some of the more expensive gemstones; of course this depends on the cut, size and color.
Uvarovite (Green Garnet) Druzy Crystals on Chromite Matrix

I will continue to offer this beautiful gemstone this coming season…
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***I would like to thank MaryanneFender of Fender Minerals for allowing me to use her gorgeous photos of Druzy

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  1. Heather, these blog posts are wonderful and informative. Thanks for including my photos.


  2. Very cool and I am drooling over that glorious blue drusy chrysocolla!!

  3. I love druzies, the remind me of the geodes I collected as a girl with a good friend of mine at her grandparents house. They had a creek that ran through the back part of the yard and we found tons of rocks that when cracked open revealed beautiful, sparkly crystals.

    I still love everything sparkly, so gravitating towards these beautiful, natural crystals is right up my alley!

  4. Love your posts on gemstones, great information, thank you.


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