Monday, November 5, 2012

Short and to the point!
I’ve decided to keep this ­­­­­­ post short and to the point…I had a couple of things I needed to mention and didn’t want make the post long and drawn out.  As many of you know I can be long winded when I find a subject of interest. 
This weekend it was brought to my attention I forgot to share my post last week with my Facebook friends.   I had a few people ask me if I’d chosen a name for my jewelry line.   For those of you who didn’t see the original post…the name I chose is “Silver Luxe”.   Definition of luxe:  “of special elegance, sumptuousness, or fineness; high or highest in quality, luxury” …I think it fits nicely!  The author of the name is Diane Estrella, you can find her here,  I thank Diane for having such a high opinion of my designs.  I will be making a pair of earrings for her and once she receives the earrings she will send me a photo… which of course, I will share.
 The Davedi Show was very busy, crowds of people on Saturday, but then I’ve never experienced the show when it wasn’t busy on the Saturday…Sunday has a tendency to be a bit slower, as with most two day shows.  This Sunday was more than a “bit” slower…but… still had a good day!  The wonderful women of The Ladies Auxiliary of the Davedi Club offered great food and baking for sale…definitely a good event for vendors and customers alike!
My next show is this coming Sunday November 11th; it is the “30th Annual Christmas Craft Show” at the Best Western, 9:00am to 4:00pm.   I’ve never been in this show before but the opportunity presented itself and I decided it was worth a try.
FYI:  I took an order in to Soul Sister on Oak Street last week…if you are looking for Christmas presents or something for that special occasion and can’t make it to the next two shows stop by Soul Sister and have a look.   Or… simply send me an email or give me a call, I enjoy working on custom orders!
As always if you have a comment or question, don’t hesitate to send me an email or comment on my blog…
Have a great week!

- Poster designed and created by Heather Cote, information courtesy of Kelly Besner, Craft Show Co-coordinator.
-Graphics courtesy of © Mira Bavutti -


  1. LOVE that name :) Have fun at the show this weekend!

    -Marissa Foss,

  2. I'm so glad you found a name to love, and I'm extra glad it was mine. ;) Hugs to you!!!

  3. great name for your jewelry line! Best wishes on your upcoming show too. (the poster is beautiful too!)


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