Monday, October 15, 2012

A trip down memory lane…
I was contemplating what my post should be for Monday October 15th, and came up with a few things.  What kept surfacing to the top of the list was a “trip down memory lane”.   Every once in a while I look back at old photos of my designs; it is satisfying to see what I was doing then, in comparison to what I do now.   Surprisingly enough there are some stringing designs I did in the beginning I still do…colors change but certain designs don’t go out of style.

 This journey begins in November of 2006…I’d been stringing necklaces and bracelets as well as making simple earrings for the previous couple of months.  I was enjoying myself… finding finishing a piece of jewelry rewarding.  During this time, I happened to see an advertisement for a craft show at the Commerce Campus, Canadore College and on a whim called the contact person.  As things happen, there weren’t any spots left.  I don’t remember if it was “no jewelry spots” or just no spots.  There is a difference,  I learned very quickly there is an over abundance of people who make jewelry, in one form or another, so there is usually a limit set for this kind of vendor at shows.  For this reason, I’m always thankful when accepted to a show.
 When I was given the negative response regarding the show it wasn’t a big deal, it just wasn’t meant to be.   Having said that… the Friday before the show I received a call early in the morning informing me if I was still interested there was a spot available for the show the next day! 
 I didn’t have any time to think about my answer… a simple yes or no was required!   Of course it was a yes…but my goodness I had to scramble the rest of the day to prepare myself as best I could!   It was a very exciting day…
I called my daughter, Dawn, asking her to do the show with me as I’d chronic medical issues and knew I would need her help.   She has been helping me work my markets/shows/events ever since.   Her help is invaluable; I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without her.  We make a great team…thank you Dawn.

The show was a grand success, which was a contributing factor in my desire to continue doing events…I’ve always been thankful to those who helped make my very first event a success.
The photos I’ve included this week are collages from late 2006, top and early 2007 bottom.  Stop by again…in the coming weeks I’ll add to the “trip”.
As always, if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me directly!  I’d like to hear what you have to say.
Have a great week…


  1. It's fun to go back and watch the evolution of your designs. You can always tell what styles you truly love, because you find elements of them in ideas from both the past and present. Thanks for sharing some of your work and the story of how you started.

    -Marissa Foss,

  2. One thing I notice is that you have more colors to your later designs :)
    I notice that as I grow older, I tend to choose brighter colors rather than the dull black and grey I preferred in my twenties and thirties....Is that sign of aging...LOL

  3. I love taking a trip down memory lane with you pieces Heather! I also love the fact that for live shows you and Dawn are a team. That's something really special and I feel the love from you two!!

    Hope the holiday season is busy, fun and filled with love for you and your family dear friend!

  4. I can see why your show was such a success, as the pieces in your post are truly beautiful! Thanks for including us in your "trip".


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