Friday, April 29, 2011

Pearls, Pearls & Pearls

I'm a huge fan of pearls, traditional cream or white, yes, but I just love the multi- colored pearls available...last fall I did a post including pearls and Pantone 2010 Fall Colors in the same sentence. It was very exciting to look over the "new" colors such as Endive, Golden Glow, Living Coral, Lipstick Red, Purple Orchid, Chocolate Truffle, Lagoon, Oyster Gray, to name a few...aren't they delicious names?

It is funny because as soon as I saw all the gorgeous colors I decided to look for pearls that would be in the same family...while I didn't find all the colors in one strand I found enough to satisfy myself.
You might remember I chose two gorgeous strands of multi-colored pearls along with a delicate sterling silver hook clasp and leaf link. Below is a better look at the beautiful silver items.
I new right away what I wanted to make...something simple, elegant and classy!

...there are 6 strands of pearls at the front, light but still substantial in appearance, I'm always conscious of weight when it comes to a necklace...I attached the strands with sterling silver ends...on one side, the leaf link and the other the hook clasp situated so both should be visible when the necklace is worn; I try not to hide such beautiful clasps and connectors when ever possible...the back is a solid strand of pearls.
(Please excuse the lighting in the photo below it's a bit bright)

I was trying to show something of the back of the piece, while still showing the front...rather hard with this necklace...below a close up of the clasp.
I loved these pearls so much I ended up buying more and made myself a triple strand necklace...I wear it constantly!

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Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. That is very pretty and your pics are nice too.

  2. Someone's been busy and it is gorgeous! :O)

  3. Recently found you through Designs by Dawn Marie... This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Very pretty! Love the colors of those pearls and the design is perfect for them!

  5. Beautiful! I thought it was appropriate that your blog entry is on 'pearls'...we certainly saw lots of them worn Friday morning at the big wedding.
    I love the colours of these pieces.

  6. Thanks the Velvet Box...I do love pearls and I'm always trying to improve my photos.

    Not as busy as I'd like Diane, when it comes to designing...I seem to have lost my creative spirit??? Thanks though...

    Thanks The Ortegas...nice to have you stop by!

    Hey Jana...thanks, gotta love all those colors together!

    Now that is a coincidence Norma...I actually never thought of it until your comment! Maybe it was in my sub conscious? :~)

    Thanks ladies for stopping by and taking the time to comment...

  7. the pearl necklace looks so happy and uplifting! Nice job. I just ordered some pearls for my daughter's wedding this summer and will be making her jewelry. what a wonderful opportunity. ; ) thanks for coming by!

  8. Love the mix Heather! That pop of aqua/turquoise is awesome with the rest of the shades! Love the "floating" illusion!

    Have a FABULOUS week!

  9. What joyous colors, the necklace is beautiful! It is good to be back, I hope to visit with you often. Happy May!

  10. Love the colors as well Heather...isn't it fun when we make something and then wind up wearing it to death...I have MANY an earring I have made, and claimed as my own...LOL...XXXXXXX

  11. Love your take on the multi-stranded pearl look! It's a really good point about not hiding such lovely clasps!


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