Friday, April 15, 2011

The beginnings of organiztion

Tomorrow I will be a vendor at the Powassan 14th Annual Maple Syrup Festival, in the community of Powassan, so this morning I'm beginning my organization/pack-up. This year the organizers offered space inside the Sportsplex so I jumped at the opportunity...the weather this time of the year can be so iffy! I have to say I'm so happy I did as the forecast is not good...I sure hope the weather forecast is wrong...otherwise the outside vendors are in for an unpleasant day!!!

"Cloudy. Snow beginning in the morning changing to wet snow mixed with rain and then to rain late in the afternoon. Snowfall amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind southeast 30 km/h gusting to 50. High plus 4".

I've cut back on shows this year, I actually started last fall, besides I'm in the finishing stages of a major renovation and it is taking up a great deal of time...not to mention emotions.

This is the first of my shows this season, (I missed all my Sudbury friends this year) everything is in a bit of a mess, time to go through it!
Thought I would let you see what I was up to this morning...

There is paper, jewelry, bags, tissue, etc., cluttered around right now...for some reason I seem to work in these kinds of conditions...not sure what it is?

My pretty organza bags, boxes, bags, not sure where my tissue is and a hand held mirror on the side...

In the past I've used hand held mirrors partly because I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for and partly because I do a great many out door shows/markets and I was always afraid the mirror would get blown over...which it definitly would have in some of the weather we've been in. Having said that I've managed to break 2 hand mirrors...I'm hoping the second mirror negates the first in the bad luck department? :0) I found this mirror the other day and decided, go for is difficult to tell in the photo but it is just the right size for sitting on the table.

The some of the "girls" as my daughter calls them...

Enough...time to go get things under control!
Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Hooray for INSIDE...ahhh, yes, that's a great blog post...the 'things', the boxes, the wrapping and gift boxes, the mirrors, the 'girls' and oh yes, the jewelry!!!....the preparation IS amazing, and oh so much work...after a while, there is a science to all the madness...hope the show is a great success...again, hooray for INSIDE...XXXXXXX

  2. Good for you for being inside. It is still cold here also. I hope you have a great show! ps - I hope you have someone to help you with all of that stuff!

  3. I agree Amy...hooray for "inside"...the preparation is a great deal of work! I'm guilty of bringing everything home and often not putting it away, which means the next time I have to go through everything and repack it all...makes more work for me in the long run but I'm to tired at the end!!! Must be getting "old"! :~) Thanks for the kind wishes Amy...
    Take care dear thoughts are with you & your Mom.

    The Velvet really seems like spring is a long time coming? Thanks for the kind daughter comes to all my shows...I don't think I could do them all without her, she is a huge help & great with the customers!
    Thanks for stopping by ladies...

  4. I will see you in Powassan - I'll be there as a attendee only. Had I known there was inside booths, I might have been there beside you. I've done the outside thing in April before and it's usually hypothermia!

  5. Hope your day is going fantastic today Heather! I'm very ready for winter to be done... more snow, boooooo. We too are having snow in southern WI today... what the heck?

    Anyhoo, you're organization resembles mine. I know what's where and that's what matters! LOL Have a terrific weekend!~


  6. Good luck with the show today! I can definately "storage system" looks just like yours!

  7. thanks for coming by! And for your silver thoughts. I may try the silver filled for my 20.00 earrings and still use sterling wire on the more involved things. Hope your show goes well. ; )

  8. Good luck Heather! I hear you about the indoor part! There is one craft show I am going to do this fall which is outdoors. I try and get a table under a building overhang in case of rain! Pearl


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