Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring delight!

Personally I love copper...I don't use it often as I've found my customers aren't great fans of this particular look/metal...I couldn't resist it for my choice in the "Beauty of Spring" design campaign though!!!

I was very excited when this parcel arrived generally takes about three weeks and I'm always watching for the package to arrive!!!

One of the reasons I was so excited is because of the gorgeous double star pendant, this is truly a stunner 43m x 43m...this hand-crafted copper beauty is made in the USA!!! Great color variation, wonderful hand-crafted feel to it!!!

These 32mm, copper plated pewter circle links are beautiful...the photo on doesn't do them justice!

How about these great square links...again copper plated pewter, 23mm sq... I love the new pewter items...

Can't be without oval copper plated pewter links, now can I?...18m x 12m

Gotta love this chain...nice detail, classy but still fun...copper plated over metal

Aren't these pretty? I loved them right away... hand-crafted stoneware clay tubes. also has solid colors but I thought these said spring nicely, with green, yellow, orange, tan and delicate blue... definitly spring to me!

Of course my group photo...I do have to mention the star is not as dark as it looks in this photo...the first photo is an accurate color!

I must say I'm very happy with all these beads, they are all well made, nice intricate detail... lovely to look at.
I've been using silver plated pewter beads a great deal in the past year but this will be my first time using copper plated pewter beads of any kind..I'm looking forward to using the links in my piece!

As always thank you to for allowing me this wonderful opportunity!
Enjoy your day...

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lisa Crone's Book has a new owner!!!

I would like to thank everyone who entered this great book give away, as well as those who chose to become a fan on Facebook & follow this site !

The lucky winner of Lisa Crone's fabulous book "A Bead In Time" is Jeannie, she has an interesting & informative blog as well as a website where she sells her work. Not only is she a self taught jewelry designer & polymer clay artist, she paints wonderfully...check out the gorgeous background of flowers she painted on her website.

Congratulations Jeannie...I know you will enjoy Lisa's great book!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Silver & Ceramics!

Since this is "Wordless Wednesday" I'll try to be as wordless as I can, but you know me, I do tend to carry on!!!

Sterling silver "patchwork" bracelet

One of my new favorite pendants to make...sterling silver Inukshuk!

I rather like making tri necklaces as well...ceramic beads, Mykonos ceramic beads, citrine, copper & metal chains

These are fun everyday bracelets...fine silver mykonos tubes & rondelles, as well as mykonos ceramic rondelles.

Don't forget to enter my fabulous A Bead in Time , by Lisa Crone, book give away...winner to be announced Monday April 19th.


Monday, April 12, 2010

"A Bead in Time" Give away!

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of the fabulous new book out by Lisa Crone..."A Bead in Time". The book is a must read for anyone who is passionate about jewelry designing, or for someone who would like to learn but isn't sure where to begin!!!

If you haven't already take the time to check out Lisa's blog, A Bead A Day, you can count on Lisa to post unique & colorful beads/creations, interesting tips or simply help if needed.

When I heard about the book I immediately pre-ordered it on To say the lease I was thrilled when my book arrived.

Lisa has out done her self with her book...this is a marvelous look into her life experiences as well as her vivid imagination! The inspiration for each project comes from something that has left an impression on it something as simple as tinsel on a Christmas tree, chocolate, a wrought iron fence or something as complex as the Golden Gate Bridge...she brought all to life with the perfect combination of color and style!

I happen to have a second copy of Lisa's book, which I'm going to give away...all you have to do to enter the give away is leave a comment and you are in...I will announce the lucky winner Monday April 19th...if you would like two entries follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

Have a great day...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did you think I was lost!!!

Life has been a bit busy in the last two weeks... what with the Spring show, a two day trip to Toronto, preparing for a fashion show & a one day show, keeping up with my Market Board work, and last but not least...the possibility of a move after 20 years...I've not had a great deal of time to visit my friends. For that I'm sorry!

I don't have any new jewelry photos but thought I would show these two portraits from the art class I took this winter...this one done with pencil.

This one done with pencil then paint over top...never did like this one...did the eyes over 4 times and then just left them like this because I couldn't get them the way I wanted them!!! Never did finish the nose or the mouth either. While I'm not thrilled with the face parts, I was somewhat happy with the shading I managed to do with the paints...which is what the lesson was about...

I'm not a portrait painter, never will be, but that is fine, I didn't take the course for that reason...I found I liked my face parts when I did them by themselves but when I put everything together I couldn't seem to make them work, I know it takes practice, but I think I would rather practice drawing & painting something else, :0). Regardless this was a great class with Misty Mawn, she is a wonderful teacher...I learned a great deal about drawing & shading, which is what I was hoping for. I would definitly take another class with her!

I'm hoping to have a few "bright" days shortly so I can take some jewelry photos, not today though, we are having freezing rain...can't complain as our weather since the beginning of March has been amazing! I will be patient and wait as I've learned the photos are so much better on a nice bright day!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Cheers for the fabulous give away next week!