Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did you think I was lost!!!

Life has been a bit busy in the last two weeks... what with the Spring show, a two day trip to Toronto, preparing for a fashion show & a one day show, keeping up with my Market Board work, and last but not least...the possibility of a move after 20 years...I've not had a great deal of time to visit my friends. For that I'm sorry!

I don't have any new jewelry photos but thought I would show these two portraits from the art class I took this winter...this one done with pencil.

This one done with pencil then paint over top...never did like this one...did the eyes over 4 times and then just left them like this because I couldn't get them the way I wanted them!!! Never did finish the nose or the mouth either. While I'm not thrilled with the face parts, I was somewhat happy with the shading I managed to do with the paints...which is what the lesson was about...

I'm not a portrait painter, never will be, but that is fine, I didn't take the course for that reason...I found I liked my face parts when I did them by themselves but when I put everything together I couldn't seem to make them work, I know it takes practice, but I think I would rather practice drawing & painting something else, :0). Regardless this was a great class with Misty Mawn, she is a wonderful teacher...I learned a great deal about drawing & shading, which is what I was hoping for. I would definitly take another class with her!

I'm hoping to have a few "bright" days shortly so I can take some jewelry photos, not today though, we are having freezing rain...can't complain as our weather since the beginning of March has been amazing! I will be patient and wait as I've learned the photos are so much better on a nice bright day!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Cheers for the fabulous give away next week!


  1. I did miss you! I think they are both great. :O)

  2. Oh, I knew you were still up there in the North Bay on the lake...I love that you took this class...portraits are really hard...I would use a mirror to look @ portraits I had drawn or painted to get another perspective and I would see how 'off' things were, or in some cases, were allowed me an opportunity to go back and balance things out...there are both very strong and very well balanced...anywho, glad you enjoyed the class...stay warm...:))))

  3. So glad you surfaced! You have been a busy gal! We too are getting the cold, damp, "un-spring-like" weather and I'm praying for sunshine... soon please, mother nature.

    I hope you find the right answer regarding the move dear. Your intuition will never lead you wrong! Keep us posted and I'll be sending you all sort of positive energy!


  4. Hello my friend...
    I like the painting... you are getting better every time... I wish i can scratch with a pen like you.....
    Can you believe this weather??? I hope we will get a nice sunny weather for the coming festival.
    So you've been a busy girl lately...

  5. Portraits are so difficult, especially self-portraits. The one or two I have attempted of myself look like caricatures, and not because that's the effect I wanted. :(

    I guess we will both have to practice a lot, if we want to go in that direction!

  6. Thanks Diane, I missed my friends...portraits are not what I want to do but what the class was focusing on!!! I knew I could learn the basics from Misty regardless of whether or not I could do faces!

    Naturally I choose a course whose subjects are very difficult!!! You keep warm and dry yourself!!!

    Hey Dawn...I'm hoping for warmer weather myself as I've my first out side show on April 24th...cross your fingers! It is sunny today but still very chilly!!!

    Arlette...give it a try you might be surprised what you can do with paper & pencil...I'm sure hoping April 24th is at the very least sunny!!!!

    Hello I mentioned before I'm really not interested in portraits but I felt I could learn a great deal from this particular class, which is why I took it. It is funny at the beginning of the course I did the facial parts separately and I actually liked them individually...but when I try a face I can't seem to make them gel? Oh well, it is fun to learn new things and I did learn a great deal about the basics from Misty, which was my goal!

    Thank you ladies for stopping by...

  7. I actually love the feeling and emotion in the faces. I think interesting things come through the pencil or brush of the novice artist. My daughter recently painted a self-portrait that honestly looked little like her and yet absoLUTEly captured internal struggle and emotion. I liked these VERY much.

    Nice to see you. :)

    Love and hugs,



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