Monday, March 15, 2010

A wonderful feature!

A blogging friend of mine Diane Estrella asked me a week or so ago if I would be interested in participating in a week long "give away" she was planning...without out hesitation I said yes, of course...

Today is the day...please take a few minutes to stop by Diane's blog to read her wonderful, kind words...don't forget to enter to win the bracelet and earrings. The colors make me feel like summer/spring... turquoise/teal always does that to me.

The rest of this week Diane is featuring 4 talented, interesting women..stop by her blog each day for a great read...not to mention an awesome give away!!!

Thank you Diane for asking me to participate...there are so many wonderful jewelry designers out there for you to choose from... I'm honored to be chosen to be amongst such a talented group of women!!!



  1. Thanks again Heather for participating! I am so glad we "met" dear friend! :O)

  2. Hello my friend
    what a great idea from your friend to arrange such event, and ask you to participate..this will bring more traffic to your blog and highlight your work... I love the jewerly you are offering. All the best my friend.

  3. Wonderful giveaway Heather...great blog, lots of good company you are in over @ Diane's blog...yes, the thought of spring might just be closer than we think this comes the sun!!!!

  4. Congrats and thanks! I'm so excited! I love your designs! And I hadn't seen Diane's blog until you linked to it. So yeah, new blog friends!

    Thanks Heather! I hope I'm one of the lucky ones! You'll be my blog feature tomorrow! :)

    Have a terrific night!

  5. Great blog! Diane has a great one too ;o)


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