Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting there...

I'm slowly getting back into the "swing" of things...there is always a great deal to catch up with after being away. I've also my first spring show March 26th, 27th & 28th, in Sudbury to prepare for.

I haven't posted any pieces lately so I thought it was time...this is the bracelet and earrings Diane Estrella is giving away on her blog...there is still time to put your name in...

My daughter, grandson & Jade dropped in on Monday...this is their spring break from school, my daughter is a teachers assistant and Connor is in grade seven. Jade is their newest addition to the family, a 5 month old standard poodle, she such a beautiful gentle dog. You would think it was a human baby the way my daughter treats her... :0)

It was a beautiful sunny day so we took Jade for a walk down to the park near my house...
You will notice in the photos how low the water level the summer it is right up to the break wall of the townhouse complex...our lake is controlled by a dam system, lowering it in fall and sometimes when they can in the spring...which has allowed the lake to stay at a safe level!!!

Connor and Jade...

Jade of course...isn't she pretty...check out her pink leash!

If you look very closely my house is the white stone on the right, half hidden by the huge gorgeous evergreen...I couldn't come around front as there was too much slush so a side view it is...

This view shows you just how much water the dam released in the home is in the bay which is on the right of the photo...

Once the lake is completely clear of ice the water slowly rises due to run off in the surrounding areas...we have water a few feet up our break wall in the summer which is a normal level...

We've had a few weeks of very unseasonably warm is wonderful, could we be so lucky for this to be the start of our spring??? At the risk of sounding like a pessimist we've had snow here at the end of May on occasion...

For the bracelet below all the beads have been wired wrapped with sterling silver wire. I chose large turquoise discs, smaller Mykonos turquoise and brown discs flanked by two of three almost round turquoise lampwork beads by Cindy Gimbrone as well I've also used a beautiful brown & cream barrel lampwork bead by Cindy. You can find her at

The delicious chocolate round bead with the turquoise insert is by Mary Ann Carroll you can find her at

I made the clasp with sterling silver wire and the oval pendant is my second attempt at working with Art Clay...I'm patiently waiting for more so I can keep experimenting.

I've just started a brand new "Fan Page" on can find me here. I had a fan page for Azure Accessories which as most of you know is my company name, Azure Islands Designs is my jewelry design name. I never did anything to promote the Azure Accessories page so I decided to start a new up to date page!!! I've added a link to my Fan Page on the left...



  1. oooo Heather, looks like you live in a FABULOUS place....want to swap? I know who would get the best deal! lol! ;o)

    Jade looks beautiful, even tho' poodles aren't my thing! ;oO

    Hope you have a very crafty day lined up......


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Hey Hello Gorgeous...nice to see you...we have lived there for 20 years is about time to move as it is far too big for two people.

    Poodles generally aren't my thing either but she is so sweet, I like the fact they aren't going to shave/clip her, they are planning on leaving her just the way she is!!!

    My daughter is coming over and we are experimenting with soy candles today...should be crafty/interesting!

  3. Hello my dear friend

    Spring is here, it's so great....
    Dawn's dog is cute

    Love the two bracelets, both have my favourite colors, hard to choose.

    Are you getting ready for the festival... I am testing some recipes...

  4. Awww, Heather, thanks for posting the the pictures of Connor & Jade! First off, girl, did you have a grandson when you were 15 because I can't believe you have a grandson that old! Second, what a cute girl Jade is! I love sharing pictures of my furry kids and seeing other peoples "furry loves" too!

    I'm blogging all about you today my dear and sending all my friends via FB and twitter your way too! So hope you see LOTS of new followers over the next day or so!

    As you know, I love turquoise! So the turquoise with brown accents... is beautiful! I just love that color scheme too! Your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing all the pictures!

    Have a TERRIFIC day!

  5. What a beautiful view you have and your grandson is adorable! (love the poodle too) I love the colors of your jewelry. love, debbie

  6. I enjoyed your pictures in your post and naturally scooted over to FB to fan you!

  7. Great pics, Heather. Thanks for sharing.
    (Your place looks some much cleaner than mine in the spring!;)

  8. Hey Arlette...loving the weather! I'm getting ready for a show next weekend!!! are a gem, pure and happy we are friends!!!

    I do think my grandson is rather adorable, but then I'm a bit partial! :0) Thanks for the kind words Debbie...

    Thanks Pearl...I do appreciate you fanning me!!! only looks clean because we are so far away...did a major clean up yesterday afternoon, looks good now!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting ladies I love to hear what you have to say!!!!!!!!!

  9. Heather, the pics of your Connor and the new puppy are PRICELESS!!!...ahhh, I remember grade 7 very well...he definitely looks all of 12/ glad he has the puppy to love on, and I'm sure that Jade adores him as well!!

    You REALLY are right on the is a very good thing that the powers that be figured out how to regulate the ups and downs of the water levels...that could be very you said, we must always be respectful of the power of the is simply GORGEOUS...and yes, we have been blessed out of our socks w/ this amazing weather...give Jade a good scratch behind the ears from me...XXXXXXX

  10. I love the turquoise set. Beautiful post. We drove by a man cleaning up his garden in My Muskoka with such a dog stupidvising! Happy spring melt.

  11. What a lovely place you live, on the water. The dog looks cute and cuddly.

    I've just given you a blog award: - check it out.

    Have a good day

  12. Everything is beautiful!! Your place, your creations and of course Jade!


Thank you for taking the time to is truly appreciated!