Friday, June 6, 2008

Its Friday!!!

Good morning... someone said something to me yesterday that made me stop and think about how I post on my blog...

Erin, from "jewellery by erin", told me she stops by every morning to see if I've added anything new!!! That statement was an eye opener for goal for this blog has always been to increase traffic to the point where I have regular visitors leaving me comments on a regular basis, a tremendous goal but I like to reach.

I enjoy writing, unfortunately, it takes me such a long time as I'm one of those people who will rewrite something five times before I like how it sounds...having said that my plan was to try to write interesting and informative posts which will keep people returning ...

Now I realize I have a long way to go but having regular readers is what I'm working towards...don't get me wrong, it is great to have people "stop & drop" I do the same thing(I also have blogs that I visit on a daily basis to see if there is something new posted) but Erin visiting me daily to see if I've posted something new, this is a huge deal for me, if I have one regular maybe there are more out there who don't stop to comment!!

Which brings me to my point...I know, I know, I'm so very long winded when I have something to say...which is... I realize I'm going to have to be much better at posting more often if I want to keep/attract more regular viewers. I will work on it!! :0)

FYI...I'm now working on my "Birthstone of the Month" (pearls) feature, it should be ready in a few days, there is so much information to go through, as I try to give interesting and informative information without getting too technical.

I've begun working with sterling silver and gold filled wire as well as sheet silver...making ear wires, earrings, and pendants so far. I've made myself two rings a silver and a gold but I haven't made any for customers yet...I'm enjoying the process as it is very satisfying and will eventually get into the soldering as I have all the tools waiting for me!

As soon as I take photos of I'll put them on the site. I'm not a great photographer so I put off taking the pictures as I'm never satisfied with the results. I have a huge inventory of completed pieces to photograph and get on my Etsy store as it is looking very barren at the moment!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I have people who just recently left comments and stated that they stop be each day to visit my blog. Until their most recent post...I had no idea. But it is a great feeling...since you kinda just put yourself out there thinking you are doing this for yourself, but find out that people actually enjoy your blog. By the way...great pieces you posted today!

  2. It is so nice to know you are not "talking" to thin air. I feel that way sometimes. Lots of times people just don't take the time, or don't have time to comment, but love checking their favorite blogs often. I'm happy to see your new post. I always love your photos. Blogging gets addictive. It can feel a bit stressful knowing that you need to keep up fresh content. You do a great job, and I love your boutique!

  3. Everything looks great and I look forward to your next birthstone - because it's mine!! :)

    See you in Rosseau... :)

  4. I love all of your designs pictured on this post. Beautiful!

    I'm with you...I didn't realize there were actually people out there waiting for my next entry. I find that almost shocking. lol But, like you, it takes me quite some time to post entries because I am very fastidious about them.

  5. You have beautiful jewelry. I wish you continued success.

  6. Heyhey,

    I love the blue stone necklace and the emerald ring that you featured earlier. Keep up the good work!


  7. I think you hit a common nerve about the writing. I too do the same thing. I will re-read a potential post over and over until my brain dries up like a raisin. It is at that time that I just hit the publish button. =) Take care my friend.

  8. Sometimes it is hard to figure out all this blogging stuff (I am still trying to get it all down). I am glad to hear you will be posting more as I enjoy stopping by!

  9. @waterrose...thank you for your kinds words and taking the time to comment, but yes I started this to promote my work but it has turned into something are right though it is a great feeling knowing what we do is enjoyed by others!

    @boutique...I appreciate your kind words...I can see where it could get stressful if we lose the enjoyment factor and post strictly for the sake of posting...I need to feel I have something interesting and informative other wise why waste my time and the person to takes the time to read...thanks for stopping by!

    @michelle...I'm a couple of days away from posting the Pearl much detail to sift through with this one..."Happy Birthday"...I'm looking forward to Rosseau as it is a very enjoyable location in and of itself...thank you for stopping by and commenting!

    @craft junkie...thank you, thank you, thank you...yes "almost shocked" is a good description of how I felt the other day...maybe if we keep at it the writing will come easier??? Thanks for the visit...

    @mommyandmeboutique...good of you to stop by and comment...thank you for your lovely compliments...always appreciated.

    @handbaggers...thanks for stopping by Joanne, I'll do my best!!

    @david know david I think you are right...there seems to be others who do the same thing ! Having said that I do enjoy writing...thanks for the visit...

    @health nut wannabe mom...your blog is that I check helpful and informative...thanks for the visit!

  10. I enjoy your blog. I don't wear jewelry but I do like to look at your creations and read your posts : )

  11. I'm one of your regular visitors, too. I love your eye candy!

  12. @spicy bug...looking is great, especially when you don't even wear jewelry...I appreciate you visit and comments! the pressure is really on!!! :0 Thanks so much for visiting, more eye candy on the way soon...

  13. The funny thing about regular readers is they can be regular readers, but irregular commenters.

  14. right you are!!

    Thank you for the visit and taking the time to comment!

  15. wow U have some Beautiful Pieces*

    + yer right Jewelery is very difficult to shoot* I shot some for my friend Trish Rogers + I was amazed at how difficult it can be* Lighting really comes into play*

    ;)) Peace*

  16. billywarhol...thank you for the kind words...I'm happy to see I'm not the only person who finds taking pictures of jewelry are so right the lighting is the has to be just right!


  17. I took the weekend off, so technically, I do not stop in EVERY day...
    Here are my comments for this post:
    1 - I LOVE that blue necklace. My guess is lab created quartz. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.
    2 - the yellow and blue necklace is fantastic. I see it and I think: "beach." Yay to summer!
    3 - I like the pearl earrings and I would totally wear them.
    4 - I really enjoy your blog. I find it informative, and I do appreciate the researched posts. But, I have to admit that I don't come here for those posts. I really like coming here for the more personal posts.

  18. I LOVE those gold swirly earrings!
    Just gorgeous :)
    Thanks for the link! I linked back to you.
    Have a great weekend!


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