Monday, January 9, 2012

Pretty red...

I'm not much of a "red" person but I like this color of is what I like to call a "blue red".

This is actually marble that has been dyed...I've placed it in a sterling silver bezel, to which I've soldered a U shaped sterling silver bail to the back. Very simple, but eye catching I think!

A matching pair of earrings to compliment the dyed marble pendant.

The stones are set in a sterling silver bezel to which I've soldered sterling silver ear wire.

I rather like this style of earring as it has it's own safety feature...



  1. So bright and pretty! Hugs and hope all is well with you. :O)

  2. Just beautiful Heather and I so love the u shaped bail you added to the pendant. Red is colour I don't use much either but on the odd occasion I've worn something red I've received compliments, I blame my mum, LOL, she always told me it wasn't the right colour for me so I was always reluctant to wear it.

  3. very pretty...I would wear them in a heartbeat...)))))

  4. I love red for some reason, it seems so vital . We have had a pretty mild winter but it is here with a vengence now . We just had 12 inches of snow ( 30 cm ) over the last day. nice powder tho good for skiing. xx lovely pieces. thanks for stopping by as always.

    1. What a pretty color of red! You've created beautiful jewelry with this set!

  5. Have just stumbled onto your blog and had to comment on this. It's beautifully simple. I love this red, also. I don't care for tomato red...too much orange. I would wear this. The combination of the pendant and earrings is beautiful. You're very talented !


  6. Wow, lovely. You do a great job. I had my first metal smithing class in January and have a new found respect for artisans such as yourself that do such a great job.


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