Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I did it again!

Well...what can I say...time flies!!!

I've one more three day show this coming weekend and then I'm done for the year...can you hear me sighing? Well, I am...

I've a few things I want to do for the next little while and if I'm happy with the results I'll do a few posts.

I'm not taken photos for the last few months(which is not a good thing) so I don't have much to show you in the way of new pieces...

This bracelet is one I wear...Just Breathe! Which is how I was feeling this summer... :0)

As many of you know the starfish is part of my logo so I decided to make myself a starfish pendant...this is my first attempt. I wear it all the time and while I've had many compliments I'm looking forward to the day I can use my saw...right now I cut the metal with a pair of shears and that doesn't allow for a great deal of control!

One of my favorite pair of earrings to wear...of course purple, my favorite color! I love the kidney wires as I can wire wrap any color bead I want and I have a new pair of earrings! I made myself a bit longer ones at first but I find I like this length...still a nice dangle but not too long!

Enjoy your day.
See you later...


  1. Love the texturing on the starfish. Very realistic! :O)

  2. I love the bracelet, and the earrings and the textured starfish is beautiful. I hope you had a very successful season and now winter is starting to set in for you there will be plenty of time to for you to get creative and play.

  3. I love the starfish with its great texture! The purple earrings and bracelet are beautiful!

  4. Love the purple too! thanks for stopping by the blog, there is something mystical about the geese. I know a lot of people think of them as just common fowl but they really resonate with me!

  5. Good Morning Heather! Time DOES fly... and I think with the frequent flier miles it's racked up Time is flyin' free! LOL Love your breathe bracelet. Just gorgeous - simple, elegant and so very true!

    I can see your weather is chilly and we've gotten bit by the same cold Canadian air here in WI. Hope your designing is feeling inspired!

  6. Very pretty, love your starfish! Have a greta show this weekend.

  7. Your designs are just beautiful as always. I really love that bracelet.

    Good luck with your last show! I know it will be a relief to have some stress-free time!

    Thanks for the sweet comments you always leave on my blog! : )

  8. good morning Heather...yes, I can hear that sigh of relief all the way in Providence...glad that you are 'freed' up now to relax and enjoy the season...'Just Breathe' is one we should all have, and mostly, remember to do...the 'Star Fish' reminds me of a day @ the beach this past summer after a storm, and a couple of teenage girls were finding starfish up and down the shore...which was very unusual...they were lining them up and down their arms, and I made them promise to put them back in the ocean once they were done 'wearing' them...which thankfully, they did...:))...have a great, show this weekend, then JUST BREATHE...XXXXXXX

  9. Hi Heather...yeah time flies and its almost end of the year again.
    I like your bracelet and the wordings. I have a set of this letter stamp but have not gotten around to using it yet. LOL the todo list is getting longer.
    Looking forward to more pictures from you :)


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