Friday, October 7, 2011

Slower pace...

Hey's been awhile!

Life will be slowing down for me now, so I'm hoping to be around more....

Tomorrow is the last North Bay Farmers' Market...I can't believe how fast this season has gone. It seems like yesterday I was preparing for the first day! The weather this year was amazing, couldn't ask for better...with a couple of nasty weather bits, like strong winds or mist but certainly the best year weather wise out of the last five. We were disappointed in the lack crowds though...we didn't have the turn out we generally have, I'm thinking everyone was at home or the cottage enjoying the wonderful weather? Regardless...we had a great's to a great Market tomorrow!

Above is a collage I did for a poster for an event ...I think you've seen the pieces individually but I've been playing with making collages, so thought I'd show you this.

See you again soon...


  1. Everything looks gorgeous!! Have a great market day tomorrow:)

  2. Have a great weekend, lovely jewelry, very nice collage.

  3. Hope your last market day is huge. All the pieces in your collage are beautiful, I especially love the one on the bottom second from the left and the heart and top row, second from the left, heck I love them all.

  4. Nice collage, and have a great weekend :)

  5. YIPPEE!!!!!! Heather is baaaaack...XXXXXXX

  6. HI Heather, (I hope you don't get this message twice, I got an error about bad cookies or something the last time I tried this!!! Who knew there were BAD cookies!???)
    I saw you at the market yesterday but when I wasn't busy, you were! I hope you had a good market day. To say the weather was beautiful is an understatement...halter tops and shorts on Thanksgiving weekend in North Bay? Wow!
    I hope to see you out at the craft shows or your evening event this year.
    All the best
    Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas
    (finally works if from Anonymous!)

  7. your collage is beautiful made of gorgeous jewelry! I hope your market was a huge success! :-)

  8. Great collage Heather! Hope the final market was a success and look forward to seeing your creations more throughout the winter! Dare I say that "w" word? YIKES!

    Have a terrific day!


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