Saturday, March 19, 2011



As you might have noticed...I've been away since the beginning of February...I've spent the last little while since my return catching up on boring issues!

I've finally made it back to my blog...

Last fall my Mother happened to see a onyx and black swarovski dangle bracelet that I was wearing(love dangles) and she thought she would like one in brown...she loves brown over black. So when I went to see her this winter I brought her this brown pearl & swarovski, sterling silver bracelet...she rarely ever asks for anything so when she does I'm on it!

She loved it but, has arthritis in her hands and found the claw too difficult...I used this swivel claw as I thought it might work well for her but it didn't so I changed the claw to a magnetic clasp and safety chain...I checked out a local bead store and found a nice strong clasp...I've not had a great deal of luck finding strong magnetic clasps lately. I order them online and I'm often disappointed in the strength when they arrive. If anyone can recommend where I can purchase strong magnetic clasps I appreciate it!

I'm an earring and bracelet person...without either I don't feel properly dressed when I go out...and I'm also one of those who likes my earrings to coordinate with something I'm wearing. (I know, I know, but I do) I decided rather than bring my whole earring collection I would bring one of my favorite pair of sterling silver earrings, they go with almost anything...I then made a pair of long kidney wires, after which I wire wrapped Bali beads, white, dark pink & lime green pearls, onyx, dyed purple & magenta jade, denim something or other, I forget the stone and sodalite...these are colors I wear most often/packed.
Worked for me...simplified the earring all I have to do is simplify the close issue!!!!



  1. The bracelet is gorgeous! I know your Mom must love it! Good idea on the earrings!

    Happy First Day of Spring!

  2. Welcome back fun is the bracelet...I love I KNOW your Mom does as well...I have similar 'silver balls', antique w/ Swarovski crystal...yours look more the long hook...I should get some...:))

  3. thanks for coming by ! Happy Spring and great pieces! Glad to see you back . I know what you mean it is sometimes hard to get to the blog xx

  4. I'm glad you are back! I love the bracelet you made your mom, I wish I could help you with the clasp issue! xoxo

  5. So happy to see you back! Keeping busy I see as always!!! :O)

  6. Hey Ladies...

    Happy Spring to you Jana...

    Thanks Amy...Mom loved the bracelet...I have a black one and one made with Labradite(sp?), but I don't have one made with silver balls...may have to work on it!!! You could make the long kidney wires Amy...took me a few tries to get them just right but they are so versatile!

    Happy Spring to you Laura...thanks...I'm happy to be back, but still catching up a bit!

    Hey Debbie...I wish you could help me with the clasp issue too!

    Hello there Diane...I'm always busy...nice to see you!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by.

  7. LOVE the pearl bracelet! Heather it's stunning! You're mojo is back and in full force!

    Have a wonderful afternoon!


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