Monday, December 27, 2010

Amethyst & Flourite!

In the last two years this is the third bracelet of this kind I've made...notice I said third... The first was to try something different with beading...while I love the results the actual process is somewhat like "work", and you know how I feel about work. I need my glasses plus a magnifying glass to make this. Seriously!!! When finished the bracelet is stunning...a bit heavy but colorful and vibrant...the first was done in greens the second was done similiar to this but with pearls included in the mix. Having said that, I've the stones, etc., (completely different combos) to make two more...won't promise when they will be done... lets say...sometime in the future! This one I made with multi colored flourite(purple, yellow, pale blue) oval stones, tiny seed beads, they are difficult to see, they are hiding in the center as they are the back bone of the bracelet and a multitude of gorgeous faceted amethyst rondelles which ranged in color from dark amethyst (my favorite) to pale amethyst verging on yellow(citrine)...if you look closely you can spot a few of the yellow... This bracelet was custom ordered as a Christmas gift...I'm hoping she loves it!!!
Enjoy your week.

PS...these photos were taken at night with a florescent light above/behind my head...not bad! Still not great but much better than many of the others I've taken so far!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Argentium silver...

I've been making this type of earring for some time...I don't do the shiny finish a great deal (in all honesty they aren't as popular as the textured/hammered/brushed finish) but they certainly are pretty to look at...all smooth and shiny!!!

Being so shiny it makes for taking photos rather difficult...

I've been doing soldering and fusing for awhile...I don't have any photos of my latest pieces yet, they are coming, but here is a sample of earrings I did about a month ago... I prefer abstract and like the fact people know they are I tried soldering scrap silver, and pieces I've made into scrap, onto in this case, argentium silver circles, no two will ever be exactly the same but it works...

I like the results and have made many earrings and pendants, in all kinds of shapes/sizes/designs...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pie Crusting Pendant

I've been doing a bit of experimentation lately, trying to see what direction I going in the future...I've been doing some fusing, soldering, wire wrapping, glass pendants...trying techniques I've not considered or had the time to try before. I've decided if I don't make the time I won't grow as a designer. Which would be fine if that was the direction I chose, but I love to learn so I'm jumping in with both feet...we'll see how I make out!

In August I found this amazing tutorial by Rosamond Bain..."Pie Crusting Pendant".
I looked it over then filed the tutorial away as a "possibly in the future", I found it again a few weeks ago and thought I would see what I could come up with. The tutorial is well done, easy to read instructions, with great photos...this is a great technique tutorial while allowing for artistic interpretation, detail and design.

These two pendants are made with 26g. argentium silver sheet, with coral, and turquoise stones.

I used considerably more metal than is probably necessary and curled around the edges a great deal more as I was nervous about the stones falling out, this also prevented the stone from moving around...I know more experience in folding the metal to prevent movement is what will do the trick in securing the stone. Eventually I will try another with less metal to show the stones more and see what happens! :0) None the less, I enjoyed making the pendants...

Thanks to Rosamond Bain for the great tutorial, it was fun to see the pendant emerge from a piece of sheet silver. It also made me realize I have to think out side the box!

I've more "new" pieces to show you...coming soon!
Enjoy your day...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Love, Noel, Joy!

I was asked to do something "Christmasy" a few weeks first thought was simple as there is so much in the way of decoration/adornment at this time of the year...this is what I decided upon. I've done "love" and "believe"as well as a few letters in copper wire but never sterling silver wire...these are fun to do...a little slow going but fun none the less!

More photos to come...I'm having a difficult time getting the light just you can see from this photo!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Centering header done!

Well that was simple...I just checked out the link my friend Mei left me and found the fix in about 10 minutes...

The link is:

Below is the actual fix for centering a header for those of you who like me need a bit of help now and then:

Design - Template Designer - Advanced - scroll down to CSS and simply type in the following...worked like a charm!

#Header1_headerimg {margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto}

Thanks Mei...I have to admit I was being lazy. I didn't want to hunt for a fix, I thought maybe someone knew enough to walk me through it! Sometimes hunting takes forever! :0)

Have a great day...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little bit Christmas!

I like to keep things rather simple but truth be told I couldn't figure out how to make last years background work I settled for this! I like the color but I would prefer the header to be centered. Does anyone know how to do this?


Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Grand Success!

I would like to extend a heart felt "thank you" to those wonderful people who attended my 2nd Annual "Silver Christmas" made the evening a grand success!!! Your show of appreciation makes me want to work harder, learn more!!!

I brought my camera but forgot to take photos...nothing new as I often forget! The set up was the same as last year...only the jewelry was different...of course... :0)
I will have time to put photos of my pieces up here...soon.

In the next few weeks I will be concentrating on orders but once they are done I will be setting my sights on updating my website and Etsy shop...both sorely neglected since May! I'm still trying to find a good light source here...not having much luck...but then the weather has been very gloomy which doesn't help. I find cloudy days work fine but not the dark dreary days...the pieces loose their sparkle! I'll keep at it...

I was trying to put up my Christmas background but I'm having issues so will work on it a bit later...

Enough chatting...gotta go.
Enjoy your day...