Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pie Crusting Pendant

I've been doing a bit of experimentation lately, trying to see what direction I going in the future...I've been doing some fusing, soldering, wire wrapping, glass pendants...trying techniques I've not considered or had the time to try before. I've decided if I don't make the time I won't grow as a designer. Which would be fine if that was the direction I chose, but I love to learn so I'm jumping in with both feet...we'll see how I make out!

In August I found this amazing tutorial by Rosamond Bain..."Pie Crusting Pendant".
I looked it over then filed the tutorial away as a "possibly in the future", I found it again a few weeks ago and thought I would see what I could come up with. The tutorial is well done, easy to read instructions, with great photos...this is a great technique tutorial while allowing for artistic interpretation, detail and design.

These two pendants are made with 26g. argentium silver sheet, with coral, and turquoise stones.

I used considerably more metal than is probably necessary and curled around the edges a great deal more as I was nervous about the stones falling out, this also prevented the stone from moving around...I know more experience in folding the metal to prevent movement is what will do the trick in securing the stone. Eventually I will try another with less metal to show the stones more and see what happens! :0) None the less, I enjoyed making the pendants...

Thanks to Rosamond Bain for the great tutorial, it was fun to see the pendant emerge from a piece of sheet silver. It also made me realize I have to think out side the box!

I've more "new" pieces to show you...coming soon!
Enjoy your day...


  1. How fun Heather! That's a method I've never, ever thought of for framing a cab. They both turned out beautiful!

    Have a very merry Christmas!

  2. What a cool innovative approach with sheet metal!

  3. So exciting all the creativity! Can't wait to see what's next!!! :O)

  4. Heather I love this gives the stones a certain depth...almost like finding them hidden in the elements from whence they came...beautiful and BRAVE!!!!!

  5. A friend pointed me to your blog today and I must admit to be grining happily at seeing your creations! How sweet of you to give me credit and it was a joy to see your work.

    Since you are working a lot in Argentium, you might be interested to know that Argentium International has just launched a guild ( Another resource that may be of interest to you (you may already be a member) is the Orchid forum on Ganoskin. Some of the pinoneers in Argentium are on the forum and ready to answer questions.

    Again, a pleasure reading this post!

    Ros Bain (aka Chloe_s_Mom) of Jumping Junipers! Jewellery Design :)


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