Monday, October 11, 2010

Family, Friends, & Food...

Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. Well happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Heather! I didn't realize your Thanksgiving was in October! Does your family have special traditions to celebrate? I hope you get to be with your daughter and grandbaby... and the grand-dog too! :)

    Big hugs and full hearts!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Enjoy!
    Did not realise that the Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving before Halloween. Do you do turkey and the rest of the fixings as well? Or is there another special Canadian meal for thanksgiving?

  3. Hope you didn't eat too much.... I know I would have... :O)

  4. I LIKE Thanksgiving in October...!!!! Hope that you and yours have a wonderful, warm (in love and spirit) Holiday!!!!


  5. Hey Dawn, thanks, I saw everyone except Connor this weekend...he was at his Dads, with his cousins. The only tradition we have is turkey & getting together!

    Thanks Regina...I know many Americans don't realize Canadians Thanksgiving is different than theirs! Turkey & fixins it it!!! I see my children & grand children regularly but not the rest of my family so it is nice to catch up on what is happening!

    Sorry Diane...couldn't help the over eating...seems to be a turkey thing as that often happens at Christmas as well??? :0)

    Thanks Amy...I actually had three dinners so it was really a wonderful weekend!!!


  6. Hello! I just wanted to drop by to say HI and see how everything is going! :)


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