Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back just in time for Blogmania!!!

Hello has been a while!

As you know I've moved into a rental house and I'm renovating my new was expected it is a painfully slow process, which is why we are renting. For the last 34 years we renovated while living in the house, and I'm talking major renovations over the years..I'm too old and just not in the mood to do that again!

I have to tell you about something very important...last spring I was very excited to sign up for "Blogmania", one of 175 blogs to participate in this twice yearly, two day blog hopping give away ...once my house sold... surprise, surprise... I knew I wouldn't be able to spend the time required on "Blogmania" so I stepped down from my spot and joined my wonderful friend Dawn's (from Designs by Dawn Marie) Blogmania group..."My Favorite Things" .

Through Dawn's hard work she has increased the "My Favorite Things" group prize value to $500.00 + category so mark midnight, EST, September 15th through to 11:59 EST September 16th on your calendar. Hop around and enter to win fabulous prizes, find wonderful new blogs to follow, make great friends but above all have a good time doing it!

The team "My Favorite Things" partners are:

I will of course have a new post up at midnight EST, on September 15th with "My Favorite Things" give away...stop by and check it out!

I've missed all my blogging friends a great deal but unfortunately I don't expect to be around as often as before, I will post when I can...

Enjoy the coming week...


  1. Missed you so much. Glad you're back!!! :O)

  2. Welcome back Heather, you've been missed.
    See you around :)

  3. Welcome back and may all the renovations go smoothly.

  4. oooo Heather, I've missed your ramblings too.....

    glad you're back and things are progressing for you, hopefully it won't take too long! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  5. Echoing the sentiments of all the Gals who posted before me....your presence in the blogosphere, and personally have been sorely missed...glad that you have made the move and that you are taking your SWEET TIME w/ all that needs to be done...keep us posted...XXXXXXX

  6. I've missed you too but I do understand the renovation upheaval!


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