Monday, May 18, 2009

Rain & high winds!

The first Market day came and went with a down pour... I arrived at the Market at 6:50am, it was overcast and the forecast was 100% chance of rain but it didn't start until I had my tent up at least. Then we had heavy rain until around 11:00am, mixed in every once in a while was high winds, thank goodness the winds weren't continuous, but gusts catch you by needless to say very few people where out and about to enjoy the vendors! Even so it was enjoyable catching up with the people I've not seen over the winter...

Here are a few pieces I managed to photograph recently...

I've made a few long necklaces as they seem to be rather popular this year...this one is silver plated over brass and copper...
This is a favorite of mine...striking agate chunks spaced with tiny gold filled beads, with a resin leaf pendant...included are the pair of matching earrings.

Another long necklace...these can be worn long or doubled as the lengths vary ...this particular one is all sparkling sterling silver.

For some reason I'm attracted to smokey are a pair of square smokey quartz beads, from which are hanging sterling silver stars, hanging from hand made SS wires.

Last but not least...another long the first on silver plated copper and brass but with three gorgeous purple mother of pearl circles mixed in for a little color... purple has always been my favorite color.

There you have it for today...


  1. O! I especially love the piece with the agate chunks. I have several agates I've collected over the years just as rocks but I love the colors you have here. Someone will be very blessed to own these. :)

  2. They are really beautiful. Sorry it has to rain but as you might know, they say rain is Good Luck

  3. Thanks for your comments. Veryyyyyyyyy appreciated


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