Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Twin Dee Designs

The woman behind Twin Dee Designs is a mother of a 21-year-old daughter; about to graduate from college with an Engineering degree, a 19-year-old son, and a 16-year-old daughter, in junior high school, she has raised her children alone for the last 13 years.

Her name is Denise and she has been sewing since she was very small, at ten she made an outfit for herself… by hand…can you imagine? After seen this, her mother showed her how to use the sewing machine, and in Denise’s words “that was that…all I did was sew and made most of my clothes”.

She discovered quilting around the age of 18 but didn’t

actually get into it until she was 25, when she developed a love for the process of making a quilt; it was a relaxing pastime …making cloths took a back burner at this point in her life.

Quilting was part of her life for many years, but at 49 she began something new…quite by chance!

She was making book covers for a Harry Potter fair and picked up discontinued upholstery fabric, but she found some of the fabric was just to beautiful for book covers so she decided to make bags!!! She bought books for ideas, and made the bag I purchased from a pattern but added her own touch…the leather. She has since changed the pattern to make smaller ones with zippers instead of a snap flap,all the other bags are her own pattern!

Denise enjoys making her bags, and has five bags presently in the works, along with a few prototypes she wants to change before she lists them. All this in only 8 months, she opened her Etsy shop August of 2007 …time is even more precious to Denise now as her son is recuperating from a terrible accident, and her need to be with him takes precedent…so she does what she can!

What woman doesn’t need another bag, or a change purse? I certainly didn’t “need” the one I purchased but I love it just the same!

Her amazing bags can be found at www.twindee3.etsy.com,stop by and have a look! The quality and craftsmanship of her work is superior, this is a woman who likes what she does and it shows in the pieces she makes!!

I have to show you my wonderful purse Denise made...I love it...the quality of the material and workmanship is superb!

Visit Twin Dee Designs on Etsy for a great shopping experience!


  1. Great purses.. very beautiful, creative, and unique..

  2. Aren't the purses wonderful...and I'm amazed at the quality of the material and workmanship...she truly loves what she is doing!!!

    Stop by Denise's Etsy store...she would love to have you visit!!!


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