Monday, February 11, 2008

DeWanda here I come!

I've found another venue to sell my is based out of Europe, Germany to be exact... the products must be and I quote "unique, customizable and/or handmade, made or designed by you and are neither mass-produced nor imported"...sounds reasonable to me!

Presently there isn't a listing fee, but that is coming once they reach a specific size, with a certain number of buyers... they don't reveal what this fee is just yet...they do say that the listing fees won't happen before April 1st, 2008. For the time being sellers pay a 5% fee upon a sale and there isn't any listing time limit...but I have a feeling that may be coming as well!

There are French German and English may list in all three sections if you know the languages. The fees are in EUR and I've noticed that some people find that confusing...I used EX to help with the conversion. I've only listed two items so far...not sure how long I'll stay there or how many items I'll list...

Above is the first item I listed on second try at the branch technique, copper wire with aqua blue freshwater first attempt was a pair of earrings, I wanted to try something small to gain some experience with the technique. Next I'd like to try a sterling silver necklace...

Below is my second item I listed...a tiny pair of 9mm lampwork beads done in the jazzy tiger colors. These beads are wire wrapped in sterling silver, hanging from SS ear hooks, from which are haning hand forged sterling silver square wire rings...Funky and Fun wouldn't you say!!!DeWanda looks like an interesting place, with its forums and blogs, they have Pinboards where you keep your favorites, you can "pin" an item as well as heart it...much the same as Etsy. Of course I haven't taken the time to go over the site well but I will in the next little while. The day I signed up I saw three Etsians with shops at DaWanda...small world!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I received my copy of the HANDBOOK TO HANDMADE VOL is a wonderful book! I'm proud to be able to say I'm in Vol II!!!

Timothy's, of Timothy Adams Designs, great idea is to do a monthly book filled with talented artists from Etsy. You may buy in for as many volumes as you limit! He also sells just the book in his Etsy store for those who don't want in but would like to have a look.

These books are well made, the pictures are professionally positioned to produce an eye catching layout for each individual artist ...with time and thought involved! Even the packaging it is mailed is is top notch...but then it has to be to make sure it arrives undamaged!

As you can tell I'm more than pleased with my spot...pages 16 and 17 and the much sought after front cover! I so thrilled with my experience I plan on doing this again...

Timothy is in the process of finding artists for Vol IV right now, take a look! Reserve your spot you won't be disappointed!!! Here is his blog for the book as well, stop by, have a look Timothy would love to have you visit!!!