Monday, January 9, 2012

Pretty red...

I'm not much of a "red" person but I like this color of is what I like to call a "blue red".

This is actually marble that has been dyed...I've placed it in a sterling silver bezel, to which I've soldered a U shaped sterling silver bail to the back. Very simple, but eye catching I think!

A matching pair of earrings to compliment the dyed marble pendant.

The stones are set in a sterling silver bezel to which I've soldered sterling silver ear wire.

I rather like this style of earring as it has it's own safety feature...


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gorgeous give away...

A blogging friend, Heather Pyle, from "My Muse, Aquariart" is having a fantastic

"2012 Celebration Giveaway"

in honor of her 2nd year blogging anniversary!

Heather is giving away these gorgeous fingerless gloves she made.
This is what she has to say about them...

Love these...I often wear a pair when I'm on the computer in the winter, (not this year though, much warmer winter) as my right hand in particular gets cold!

Stop by Heather's blog and enter to win!

Good luck!


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