Monday, March 28, 2011

Precious metal

This winter I was planning to spend as much time as possible working with silver, be it argentium, sterling or fine it all! Well that didn't happen nearly as often as I would have liked, not for lack of wanting to though...

Below is fine silver links fused together and linked with sterling silver rings, I've added two tiny stamped argentium silver circles,one with my signature starfish and the other with two butterflies. Finished with a hand crafted hook...

I've had a bit of a thing for circles we have three argentium silver circles randomly soldered to a larger lightly hammered argentium silver circle.

Argentium silver rectangles hammered in two directions...domed slightly... three balls each made from my scrap pile of silver, soldered to the rectangles, hanging of course from my own ear wires.

There is something new on the market... in January, Pearl from the Beading Gems Journal did an interesting post on "silver filled" wire...basically the same idea as gold filled. I've ordered some of the wire from Fire Mountain Gems...they are saying it handles like silver, can be hammered and soldered. Once I've had a chance to work with it I'll let you know what I think.

Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, March 19, 2011



As you might have noticed...I've been away since the beginning of February...I've spent the last little while since my return catching up on boring issues!

I've finally made it back to my blog...

Last fall my Mother happened to see a onyx and black swarovski dangle bracelet that I was wearing(love dangles) and she thought she would like one in brown...she loves brown over black. So when I went to see her this winter I brought her this brown pearl & swarovski, sterling silver bracelet...she rarely ever asks for anything so when she does I'm on it!

She loved it but, has arthritis in her hands and found the claw too difficult...I used this swivel claw as I thought it might work well for her but it didn't so I changed the claw to a magnetic clasp and safety chain...I checked out a local bead store and found a nice strong clasp...I've not had a great deal of luck finding strong magnetic clasps lately. I order them online and I'm often disappointed in the strength when they arrive. If anyone can recommend where I can purchase strong magnetic clasps I appreciate it!

I'm an earring and bracelet person...without either I don't feel properly dressed when I go out...and I'm also one of those who likes my earrings to coordinate with something I'm wearing. (I know, I know, but I do) I decided rather than bring my whole earring collection I would bring one of my favorite pair of sterling silver earrings, they go with almost anything...I then made a pair of long kidney wires, after which I wire wrapped Bali beads, white, dark pink & lime green pearls, onyx, dyed purple & magenta jade, denim something or other, I forget the stone and sodalite...these are colors I wear most often/packed.
Worked for me...simplified the earring all I have to do is simplify the close issue!!!!